Tuesday News: The battle for equality continues


TEXAS RULING COMPLICATES COURT FIGHT OVER HB2 (Charlotte Observer) -- A federal judge in Texas potentially has deepened the legal fight over House Bill 2 by blocking an Obama administration order that would give transgender students in public schools access to bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor deals a second setback to the government’s argument that Title IX anti-discrimination protections apply to transgender students. It also moves the battle over transgender rights one procedural step closer to a showdown in the Supreme Court.

Monday News: Making children cry a new religious pastime

Pride & Prejudice in Charlotte: Christina Woodruff of Huntersville is only 10 years old, but she learned a very grown-up lesson about bigotry this weekend at the Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade in uptown. “I was just standing there and a man told me that I was a child of the Devil,” said Christina, who is parented by a same sex couple. “I wanted to punch him, but my mom stopped me. I cried instead.” Conservative religious groups have long provided sideline heckling at Charlotte’s annual gay pride celebration, including a group this year that tried to drown out Mayor Jennifer Roberts during the opening ceremony Saturday.

The ABC's of Kenny West's sexual harassment

Registering a 9.5 on the Creep Scale:

By the time B started working in Meadows' office in early 2014, West already had a reputation for inappropriate behavior toward women, she said. "I was told, 'Hey, by the way, you probably don't want to wear your hair in a ponytail when Kenny's in town, because he really likes to play with girls' hair when it's in a ponytail for some reason, and he seems to touch girls' hair a lot,' " she said.

West "would make comments and remarks that made me feel uncomfortable and also (was) very touchy," Witness C said. "He would place his hand on my shoulder and on my back." She said comments were "nothing explicit or anything blatant, just things that didn't feel appropriate."

As disgusting as it is to contemplate, physical contact of this sort is a form of "grooming." Predators often do this to gauge the reaction of the individual, to determine if that person is submissive enough to escalate. And this (admittedly hearsay) account is suggestive that such escalation did occur on at least one occasion:

In The Lancet: North Carolina HB2 is bigotry's counterattack on LGBT rights

Founded in 1823, The Lancet is a well-respected, peer-reviewed British medical journal. Not a hotbed of politically correct ideologues. Though if all you read were the McCrory et al federal court filing in defense of HB2, you might be granted temporary forgiveness for thinking so. When in fact, The Lancet's works stand squarely on the scientific evidence.

The GOP's passion for unconstitutional laws

A good find from Watauga Watch.

Struck down, all or in part

2011 law requiring physicians to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions and describe the images
2011 law capping enrollment in a pre-kindergarten program
2011 state House and Senate district maps
2011 move to cut off funding for a Planned Parenthood affiliate
2012 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, which voters approved
2013 attempt to phase out teacher tenure for public school teachers already vested in the program
2013 Wake County school board redistricting plan
2013 elections law overhaul including requiring voter ID and reducing early voting
2014 creation of a Coal Ash Management Commission and other panels
2015 Wake County commissioners redistricting plan
2015 law to establish retention elections for sitting N.C. Supreme Court justices


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