Let's make it three, Governor!

Governor McCrory has done the right thing by vetoing ag-gag and religious discrimination. There are a few more things that need attention - the environment, voting rights, education, expanding Medicaid .... The top of my list: the latest attack on access to abortion.

Attention to this bill has mostly focused on the proposed 72 hour waiting period - which is medically unnecessary and insulting to women who are totally capable of making their own moral decisions without intrusion from politicians.

NC needs to take note: Conservative Nebraska repeals death penalty

When conservative lawmakers in red state Nebraska recognize the death penalty has no place in modern society, the writing is on the wall - capital punishment is on borrowed time.

As today's editorial in the Charlotte Observer notes, Nebraska is arguably more conservative than Texas - and certainly more red than North Carolina.

Daily dose: McCrory finds a spine

In the struggle to demonstrate relevance, Pat McCrory this week vetos a bill. The media swoon. Funny stuff.

McCrory vetoes NC religious objection bill on gay marriage (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed Thursday a religious exemption bill that would allow some court officials to avoid gay marriage duties.

N.C. Governor Vows to Veto Bill Seen as Targeting Gay Marriage (New York Times) -- Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, pledged to reject a measure that would allow judges to refuse to perform marriage ceremonies because of their faith.

N.C. governor to veto opt-out bill (Reuters) -- Gov. Pat McCrory said he would veto legislation allowing government officials to refuse to perform marriages by citing religious objections. The measure, passed by the state's Republican-led House of Representatives earlier in the day, would protect those who oppose same-sex weddings from losing their jobs. The Republican governor said no public officials who swore to defend the Constitution and perform their duties of office should be exempt from upholding their oath.

The ENCSIS Act - A proposal for NC Democrats

With all that's happened with HB 465, I think it's time for the Dems to take drastic action. They need to introduce their own bill.

The Every NC Sperm is Sacred Act would require prostrate and sperm count discussions and exams for all males over 18 and prohibit any state funding being used for condoms or vasectomies. In addition, the law would prohibit vasectomies only when the carrier of the sperm's life is in danger and that records concerning those vasectomies be catalogued at DHHS.

NC fails at Women's Health - and it's not just abortion

Restricting access to abortion is not the only way that NC is failing at women's health - diabetes, rising rates of chlamydia, obesity, the impact of poverty, topped off by refusing to expand Medicaid - put NC in the bottom of the country on women's health.

Here's more: http://womenadvancenc.org/5-ways-north-carolina-fails-women-on-health/

Even conservative judges think Republicans are full of baloney

Thank you, Southern Environmental Law Center, for holding the GOP accountable for their shenanigans.

Wake County Superior Court has granted a preliminary injunction sought by SELC to stop the state’s Mining and Energy Commission from accepting or processing permit applications for fracking in the state or from creating any drilling units. The decision effectively reinstates a moratorium on fracking pending the outcome of a constitutional challenge to the composition of the Commission itself.

American Theocracy

HB 2, allowing Magistrates to opt out of marrying gay couples when they have a strong religious aversion to doing so, just passed its third reading in the House and will be sent to the Governor. Most of us were raised to have a polite aversion to discussing religion in the public realm. We have to get over that. Now.


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