Club For Growth spent $1.2 million in two NC Congressional races

And North Carolina voters danced well to their tune:

In an otherwise quiet primary, money spoke loudly Tuesday. The biggest spender, The Club for Growth Action, was the most successful.

The Washington, D.C.,-based Super PAC spent $700,000 to defeat U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers in the 2nd District Republican primary. She was crushed by fellow Rep. George Holding, who moved in from the 13th District, 53 percent to 24 percent. Even an endorsement from Donald Trump couldn’t save Ellmers, who was not considered conservative enough by her opponents.

Conservatives have been gunning for Renee Ellmers for well over a year, so this spending might have been merely icing on the cake. But when you decide to coronate a nobody, those dollars are critical:

Thomas Mills wants to debate Richard Hudson

The race for the 8th district is shaping up to be a doozie. On one hand you have a Thomas Mills, a regular guy with common sense who knows how to run campaigns. On the other hand you have Richard Hudson, who has never met a special interest he didn't like.

Mills has challenged Hudson to debates. I'm taking bets it won't happen. Hudson is the original Teflon candidate, self-preservation is his main goal.

Privatization of public school facilities under "leasing" contracts

Janet Cowell cuts loose on General Assembly plotters:

Most consequentially, this legislation allows state student and teacher funding (the average daily membership) and all other state education funding to be used for school facilities, in this case to pay private developers. North Carolina has a long history of supporting state funding for teachers and education staff and county funding for school buildings. This bill would blur that division and could result in the layoff of school personnel to pay private companies.

It would allow sales taxes to go to a private, for-profit company. Specifically, the bill would permit a local unit to refund a private for profit business entity for expenses incurred in operating the building from local sales or use taxes. Sales and use taxes are an important source of local government revenue. This bill assigns away these revenues to the private entity.

This fits a broader pattern Republicans in the Legislature have developed over the last 5 years or so, in which they steadily erode the powers of local governments while also shifting costs down to them. In this case, the GOP is nudging local governments to allow private entities to actually own newly-constructed public schools, and force the local government to pay rent. It's a classic privatization scheme, but this time it's not a parking lot, it's our children's development that is being leveraged. And it's as easy as adding the two words "or other" to the statute in question:

Wednesday News: Cause & Effect version


N.C. VOTERS STAYED AWAY FROM THE POLLS IN DROVES (Carolina Public Press) -- Predictions of very low turnout for special primary elections Tuesday for Congress and North Carolina Supreme Court proved correct, with only about 6.65 percent of registered voters participating, according state elections officials.

PITTENGER BARELY RETAINS DISTRICT 9 SEAT (Fayetteville Observer) - -U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger squeaked by in the Republican primary for the 9th Congressional District seat,

Here's me elevating the debate: Dan Forest is an idiot

Which is kind of an insult to idiots worldwide:

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said, “Well, pretty much all of our media in North Carolina newspapers, a handful of very liberal newspapers all across the state, every city has a newspaper like the Charlotte Observer.”

“So, Charlotte and the Raleigh News & Observer are two of the most liberal rags in the country right now. It’s pretty much leftist, propaganda arms anymore. And most of them are. TV stations are the same way.”

As reported by the Christian News Service. That's actually the punchline to my joke, but a little context might make you laugh (or cry) harder:

Tuesday News: There was something I needed to do today...

ONE VOTE COULD DETERMINE TODAY’S RACES (Winston-Salem Journal) - Yep, that headline is right. There will no runoff races after today’s special primary. One vote, maybe yours, could determine any of these primary races. Such are the unpredictable political times in which we find ourselves. But however you feel about the battles that ultimately led to this primary, people on both sides fought hard. That’s part of our democracy. So is our precious right to vote. Americans have fought and died for that right. People the world over are still fighting and dying for that right. Yet too many of us take the right for granted. Today would be a good day to start turning that trend around.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Election day madness:

It's amazing what having an unlimited checkbook supplied by Kansas oil industry billionaires can help you accomplish. By "amazing" I mean disgusting, of course. I have no great sympathy for Renee Ellmers, although she did jeopardize her Congressional career by pushing back against anti-abortion nut-jobs. I just hate to see the Koch Brothers being allowed to spend so freely in elections, especially ones in our state. Sticks in my craw. And that's not the only NC race they're trying to manipulate:

Let's Give Social Conservatives a Reason to Hate HB 2.

Some claims are too unfounded to bother refuting. When both parties are operating under a completely different set of premises, why even try?

This is the predicament I faced upon arriving back to my hometown in North Carolina for the summer. I knew the controversy surrounding House Bill 2. I guess I just assumed it would dissipate after McCrory realized that the economic costs of the bill outweighed the benefits of proving that his sleazy backbone can keep him standing upright.

But wait.

He never realized that.


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