For those few still feeling mistakenly safe, we present Liquid Uranium

On the plus side, you'll die relatively quickly:

The U.S. government wants to move the waste from the Chalk River Nuclear Facility in Ontario, Canada to the Savannah River Nuclear Site in South Carolina. Kamps says, until now, this type of uranium has only been shipped as a solid and is extremely dangerous.

"If you're exposed to it at a short distance, with no radiation shielding, it can actually kill you in a very short period of time. Or in a fiery crash or terrorist attack, this material could be disbursed over a very broad region," Kamps said. Interstate 26 is one potential route, where nearby residents haven't heard a word. But residents living near the potential route aren't the only ones left in the dark.

Oh, that's just fantastic. "We can't tell you where it's going to be, because Terrorism, so you'll just have to remain in a state of constant terror. And update your living will, because your cognitive functions will probably get seriously derailed before your organs begin failing, which, if you think about it, is probably a blessing. Have a nice day."

Friday News: The word you're looking for is "Emboldened"

KKK ANNOUNCES NORTH CAROLINA ‘VICTORY’ PARADE (Raleigh News & Observer) -- A NC-based KKK group called the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says it will hold a North Carolina rally in December to celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Details on the rally celebrating Trump’s victory are scarce. It’s being held by The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which is based in Pelham – a small, unincorporated community about 45 minutes north of Burlington, near the Virginia border.

A bit of good news from the frontlines

I've never been more proud of anyone that I am of my son, a social worker in Durham. He sent this note today. Feel free to share far and wide. We need a glimpse of hope right now.

Hey Dad.

So we had a breakfast this morning for my organization. It was overwhelmingly positive, I think we all needed some solace. About 90 people showed up.

Rumors Abound.

Rumors about that any special session called to deal with the issue of how schools will deal with days of attendance lost to Hurricane Matthew may deal with another issue.

HB2? No.

The State Supreme Court.
What's wrong with it, you ask?
Mike Morgan won his election.
How to fix that?
Add more justices.

When you can't win based on your ideas, you change the rules until you get your way.

The Constitution sets the number of justice. Two more can be added.

Stay tuned.

Thursday News: The nailbiting continues


WILL RECOUNT CHANGE GOVERNOR'S RACE? HISTORY SAYS DON’T BET ON IT (Charlotte Observer) -- A likely recount in the North Carolina’s governor’s race may be the state’s highest profile in recent memory, but there have been other close races that weren’t decided until days after voting ended. It’s likely McCrory will call for a recount. There have been other large recounts in congressional races, but the results haven’t changed, and the final vote tallies have barely moved.

Trump picks Climate Change denier to head EPA transition team

They don't come much worse than Myron Ebell:

In a biography submitted when he testified before Congress, he listed among his recognitions that he had been featured in a Greenpeace “Field Guide to Climate Criminals,” dubbed a “misleader” on global warming by Rolling Stone and was the subject of a motion to censure in the British House of Commons after Ebell criticized the United Kingdom’s chief scientific adviser for his views on global warming.

Ebell’s views appear to square with Trump’s when it comes to EPA’s agenda. Trump has called global warming “bullshit” and he has said he would “cancel” the Paris global warming accord and roll back President Obama’s executive actions on climate change (ClimateWire, May 27).

And so it begins. We've never been much for fluffy bunny stories here at BlueNC, but as we move forward (if we move forward), this diary is likely a harbinger of many more reckless and feckless moves by our new President. That being said, if Roy Cooper can hang on to his lead over DAG McCrory, the NC DEQ will be in much more capable hands.

Whose side is Cooper on?

Will Cooper appeal the recent Court of Appeals ruling that restored the rights to a contested case hearing for reclassified state employees?

We will know by next Wednesday.

I hope not.

I was reclassified as 'managerial exempt' by Governor McCrory even though I managed no one and no 'program'.

Six weeks later McCrory fired me without notice, cause, or even a full day's pay for my last day of work.

Appealing this case to the NC Supreme Court would not be a good 'first step' for the Cooper administration.

My open letter to Trump

Dear Trump.

This is a hard letter for me to write. You are such a disgusting human being, I am literally throwing up in my mouth at the thought of you as president. You are a lying sack of shit and a sexual predator. Honest to god, I almost wish you would drop dead. But that would put Pence in charge, and he's is even scarier than you.

So I'm writing with a simple request. Don't change your MO. Stay your ugly course.


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