ECU scratches the 1st Amendment off of Bill of Rights

Because catering to a redneck crowd is more important than justice:

East Carolina officials say the school will not tolerate further protests after some band members kneeled while others performed the national anthem before a game. They say they "regret the actions" taken by the 19 members who took a knee during the ceremonies before the game against Central Florida last week.

They say they expect the members of the Marching Pirates "will learn from this experience and fulfill their responsibilities." They call the protests "hurtful to many in our Pirate family and disrespectful to our country." Fans booed the protestors after the anthem was completed, and Chancellor Cecil Staton quickly issued a statement affirming the band members' right to express themselves.

If anybody should be ashamed, it's the jackass fans who are apparently so fragile something as innocuous as a person kneeling hurts their wittle feelings:

Tuesday News: Here's some money, now vote for me!


NO ACCIDENT: STATE WORKER ‘BONUSES’ ARRIVE IN ELECTION RUN-UP (WRAL-TV) -- State employees will get promised one-time bonuses in their October paychecks – just two weeks before election day, the Office of State Human Resources announced in a memo Monday, prompting some to speculate if the timing might not have political significance. A single 0.5 percent lump-sum bonus, as well as any performance bonuses, will arrive for most state employees at the end of October, timing that puts it squarely in the middle of North Carolina's early voting period and less than two weeks before the Nov. 8 Election Day.

Hurricane Floyd rips into Burr campaign

Okay, he's more of a gentle Spring shower, but still:

There’s a saying: Never wrestle a pig. You get dirty, and the pig likes it. U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is a case in point. Burr’s campaign and his Super-PAC allies are flooding the TV airwaves with dishonest ads that try to dupe voters into believing that opponent Deborah Ross opposed the state’s sex-offender registry. There’s no twisting of words that would make this true.

In his previous campaigns and in Washington, Burr regularly distorts the truth for partisan advantage. He’s taking his cue from Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a notoriously dirty campaigner and fellow champion for plutocracy. Burr has a lot of nerve in using this page of the mudslinging campaign playbook. He’s voted against funding for the federal sex-offender registry.

Welp, when you piss off Floyd McKissick, you've done something.

Ross campaign ahead of the fundraising curve

Playing in the Big League (but not bigly):

As the Senate contest in North Carolina tightened in recent weeks, Democratic challenger Deborah Ross raked in an impressive third-quarter fundraising haul of nearly $4.3 million, her campaign told BuzzFeed News Sunday.

With Democrats’ hopes of picking up seats in Ohio and Florida now fading, the party is looking to Ross’ race against GOP Sen. Richard Burr in mapping heir path to the majority in the Senate. Real Clear Politics’ polling average of six recent polls shows Ross up by one.

It's also pretty telling that the Burr campaign has chosen to go negative a month before the election, something incumbents usually reserve for the last few days. It smacks of desperation, and will (probably) end up giving her a point or two in the process. But Burr has a lot of powerful friends, who want to keep him in that seat:

Monday News: It should be a crime


COOPER AD SAYS MCCRORY IS 'PLAYING POLITICS' WITH CRIME LAB (WRAL-TV) -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper has put a new ad on the air striking back at Republican accusations that he mismanaged the State Crime Lab. With more than a month to go before the election, Cooper's handling of the crime lab as attorney general continues to be a centerpiece of GOP attacks against him, so it's no surprise to see him seeking to undercut that line of attack.

Is Donald Trump trying to start a race war?

If he thought it would help him win, he most certainly would:

He told the crowd to get a group of friends together on Election Day, vote and then go to “certain areas” and “watch” the voters there. "I hear too many bad stories, and we can't lose an election because of you know what I'm talking about,” Trump said. “So, go and vote and then go check out areas because a lot of bad things happen, and we don't want to lose for that reason.”

My natural aversion to being sucked into Godwin's Law is eroding fast. Trump is becoming more Hitler than Hitler ever dreamed of being...

McCrory gains an ally in his crusade against national media

Deflecting about CNN ignoring his attempt to deflect:

On Sept. 23, as Gov. Pat McCrory was trying to tell the world just how bad the flooding in northeastern North Carolina was, CNN cut its powerful cameras away. Then its talking heads groused that the flooding wasn’t as serious as the Charlotte police shooting and the rioting that followed.

Bullcrap. On that I suspect McCrory and I agree. “Windsor, northeastern North Carolina, did not suit the ratings game,” he told me Wednesday. “And there are people suffering down there.”

I don't mean to come off as unsympathetic, and CNN does seem to be operating like a twelve-year-old with an attitude is running things. But (unless I missed it) nobody was injured in the flooding of Windsor, and only 65 of the meager 3,600 residents had to be evacuated. Putting CNN's priorities aside for a moment, this is just one more example of McCrory getting pissy because mainstream media did not do what he wanted them to do. I feel for the people of Windsor, because this is the third time they've been flooded in the last couple of decades. The most important thing this angry editorialist can do is follow up and see if McCrory actually does something to help instead of talking and shaking hands:

Sunday News: Arrested development

WILL CHARLOTTE COURTS HAVE MERCY ON ARRESTED PROTESTERS? (Charlotte Observer) - More than 100 court cases are pending and dozens of arrest warrants are unserved from protests last week over a police-shooting death in Charlotte. Police arrested 82 people in a week’s time, as thousands of protesters flooded parks, streets and even highways around the city. Their charges range from curfew violations and burglary to assaults on police and the murder of a 26-year-old protester.

The GOP's dangerously bent refusal to acknowledge Climate Change

They will keep their heads in the sand until the tide washes them away:

This summer, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives tacked onto a military funding bill a provision that prohibits the use of federal funds by the military to study global climate change or even to plan how to respond to it.U.S. Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado called the military concern with global climate change a radical climate change agenda.

Actually, Buck doesn't have his head in the sand, it's in the clouds. Greeley, Colorado is 4,659 feet above sea level. Let that sink in, and while you're contemplating how inappropriate it is for somebody living there to screw around with the military's long-term mission to deal with sea-level rise, contemplate why his Republican colleagues would let him do it. Short answer? Because his constituents are a lot less likely to punish him for such an idiotic policy move, as would the constituents of a Representative from Florida. Or North Carolina.


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