Affect on NC of Tues. Marlboro landfill trial

A hearing before Judge Michael Nettles will determine whether or not DHEC has the authority to force the residents in and around Marlboro County to accept a mega-dump in the community. The hearing will begin at 10 a.m. on Tuesday at the Marlboro County Courthouse. The proposed location for the landfill is between Highways 38 and 177, just south of Hamlet, NC. It is for 6,500 Tons Per Day, over twice what is allowed by NC Statutes. Two articles below the fold:


if it passes

Could NC impose massive tolls on selected roads to prevent certain kinds of vehicles from using those roads?

Landfill is an interstate commerce issue

Thus imposing tolls may be problematic.

I will report the result as soon as possible.

Marlboro landfill case to be decided March 14th


Late Wednesday afternoon, Circuit Court Judge Michael Nettles ordered that attorneys for MRR Southern LLC and SC DHEC, prepare documents and transcripts of facts pertaining to the case, hand them in to his office within the next ten days and said he will then make a ruling on the matter on Mar. 14.

In addition, Nettles asked attorneys for Marlboro County and DHEC, to provide statements detailing exactly what they were asking him to do to resolve the matter.

At issue is a proposal by the North Carolina group, MRR Southern LLC that began in 2007, when MRR announced plans for a landfill that would provide an outlet for trash collected from across the East Coast.