After dark



How long before strong womentake these ass clowns to court for sex discrimination?

Collegial my ass

Until Democrats learn to go for the throat for what they want, they'll continue to suck wind when it comes to political power plays.

Filibuster reform made sense and it makes sense now. Maybe getting their asses handed to them will move Senate Democrats off their high horses and into the god damned trenches.

How about a topless male protest on the capital grounds.

We need to hold a perfeclt legal male topless protest on the capital grounds. Demand answers from the NCGA TEAOP of why female nipples are offensive but male nipples arn't

Can't take my eyes off that picture

I know the color is not really there, but the contrast between the blue/black/white in the sky translates into a purple in my brain. Which is my second favorite color. :)