AGC bragging about Republican tax increase

Carolinas AGC is touting all the success in the past legislative session, chief among their successes being the General Assembly's failure to cap the gasoline tax.

The General Assembly cut the state sales tax by 1 cent, resulting in the loss of more than 20,000 state jobs, including an estimated 15,000 in education. No doubt this was payback by the Radical Republicans for the NCAE's opposition to their anti-teacher and anti-education platform.

But apparently not every tax cut is a good idea, as the Republican lawmakers allowed the state's gasoline tax to increase by 2 cents per gallon on July 1. This "let it go up" strategy was no doubt in appreciation to Carolinas AGC, who overwhelmingly supported Republican candidates during the 2010 election.


Wow. Middle class families subsidizing contractors. Nice.

The regular long session of the NC General Assembly ended early on Saturday, June 18, with Carolinas AGC having an excellent session that included legislative approval of more than $1 billion toward construction projects and failure to cap the gas tax, a move that will result in about $250 million more going more toward transportation in the two years. Other accomplishments included defeat of a bill that would have caused a nightmare on public work bidding involving military veteran participation.