Aldona spends taxpayer money like a drunken sailor

Not content with her previous no-bid contract awards to family friends and Republican stalwarts, DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos is upping the ante.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services late Friday announced a $3 million sole source contract for a Washington, D.C.-area consulting firm to fix the problems in the state’s troubled $13 billion Medicaid program.

Why stop at $3 million when you can spend more without going through that pesky bidding process?

Secretary of Health and Human Services Aldona Wos also announced a half-million-dollar sole-source contract with the consulting firm Navigant to improve the department’s ability to detect fraud and aberrant billing.

That sole-source stuff is working out great for Queen Aldona:

Wos has been criticized for previous sole-source, or no-bid, contracts: a $312,000 annual contract for former State Auditor Les Merritt, and another worth $310,000 a year for Joe Hauck, a vice president at the company owned by Wos’ husband.

And not to worry, it was all done in the usual DHHS way of open government and complete transparency:

The News & Observer requested public records relating to Alvarez & Marsal eight weeks ago. After repeated requests, Gov. Pat McCrory’s office released two documents Thursday evening; the Department of Health and Human Services released some of its records Friday evening, after issuing a news release about the Alvarez & Marsal contract.


The $3M company is the only one?

OK, we know that DHHS Medicaid is broken. Perhaps hiring a consultant is justified. But are we really to believe that there is only one company on the planet who can address the problems? Judging from the rates they charge, they sure seem to think they're pretty special (emphasis mine):

The contract with Alvarez & Marsal spelled out the hourly rates for the nine-person team: $473 an hour for each of three principals of the firm, $394 an hour for each of three consultants, $242 an hour each for two analysts and $84 an hour for an intern.

That is one helluva sweet internship!

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This sole source contract is illegal

You're right. The idea that there is not another company in America that could do what this company is doing is absurd. I know of three, for example, that could easily handle this contract, even under the most extreme of pressure.

This contract is illegal. Beth Wood needs to look into it right now.