All kinds of crazy

In case you missed it, the N&O is reporting that the next official end of the world as we know it will be on May 22, 2011. That's when today's current cult of Christian crazies believes the Big Guy will return to earth to harvest true believers in advance of the entire planet being engulfed in the cleansing fires of heaven.

To my way of thinking, this belief is no more or less insane than a host of other beliefs, including the belief that homosexuality is a sin or that god has a sweet spot in her heart for America, the world's undisputed king of arms dealing. If you are a politician using your religious beliefs as a justification for your policy positions, you are exactly as daft as the lunatic in this photo.

This isn't the first prediction of the end of the world, but like many before, it will soon be proven to be just another bunch of baloney. So with all due respect to elected official everywhere, if you're going to believe in holy ghosts, keep it to yourself. Your delusional nonsense has no place in public policy that affects the rest of us.


I guess now is the test case

To see if these folks have read Luke 12:33

You've got less than 6 months to sell all your stuff and give the money to the poor, people. Don't blow it.

Great point, Mr. Shaw

Your comment, as well as the "vapid hypocrite" comment below, pretty much underscore the idiocy.

It's all good though. At least she didn't get elected to the General Assembly.


Vapid hypocrite

At times, it almost sounds - forgive me, Allison - like she's hedging her bets: "I have a day job," says Warden, an office manager for a door company. "I'm not giving up my day job. I have bills to pay. I'm going to keep paying them. People say, 'Why don't you quit working and run up your credit card?' The Bible doesn't tell you to do that."

This person lacks the courage of her convictions -- if she possesses the convictions at all.

Sadly, she reminds me of many folks in politics today.


I read the Bible this morning

This woman is correct. It does not tell you to quit working and run up your credit card. It doesn't mention credit cards at all.

Now Paypal, that's a different story.

world ending on my 47th birthday

Dang, hope I get my cake before we all disappear.