And so it begins: candidate filing period starts today

Time to step up to the plate:

The State Board of Elections and county elections offices begin accepting candidate forms at noon Monday. The filing deadline is Feb. 28.

Voters this year will decide whether to re-elect U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan or one of her rivals. They'll choose members of the U.S. House delegation, all 170 members of the General Assembly and dozens of judgeships. There will also be scores of county commissioner and school board elections.

The primary is May 6, with runoffs July 15 if needed. The general election is Nov. 4.

If you are planning to run, go ahead and file now. It will narrow down the list of races in which a candidate may need to be found, and it will help potential donors decide where best to dedicate their resources.


An unintended consequence from GOP election bill

Because straight party voting was eliminated with H589 (see Part 32 of the bill on page 38), no one needs to feel compelled to be a member of a major party to run.

You can be unaffiliated and run on the same playing field as the GOPers and Dems.

This mechanism -- if properly harnessed -- can be the 3rd party movement that NC so desperately needs.

Bottom line, there is no more straight party voting in NC for 2014.

So go sign up to run for an office -- even as an unaffiliated voter.

Here's the info sheet on running for the General Assembly.

Let no seat go unchallenged.


Trainings - outside of the party

In a time with some party turmoil, and in a time period with filing beginning, I thought it was worth reminding folks that if you need to get trained up, you don't have to wait on any particular political party:

Here's one in early March:

It was described to me saying it is for if you want to do any of these things: "be a candidate, manage a candidate’s race, or know the best way to run an issue campaign or non-profit initiative"

" - Creating a campaign plan
- Fundraising and budgeting
- Messaging
- Polling
- Targeting and contacting voters
- Paid media and direct mail
- Talking to the press and generating earned media"

And Equality NC has a few civic engagement institutes coming up too:

I'd love to see more progressive, youth, LGBT, women, and candidates of color running in the upcoming elections, supporting campaigns they are connected to, and working on issue campaigns.