And Vernon Robinson makes three

Forget about sharks; these guys are like hyenas:

Former Winston-Salem city councilman Vernon Robinson announced Wednesday he would run for the 13th District seat he sought unsuccessfully five years ago. Robinson lost by nearly a two-to-one margin to incumbent Democratic Rep. Brad Miller and suggested then he may not seek elected office again.

If you think this is shaping up to be a fiasco, wait until the Guilford/Forsyth GOP leadership gets done flipping their coins and begins the not-so-subtle character assassination.


A Batshit Primary For Republicans?

Well! The first thing Vernon needs to do is join a Jenny Craig weigh loss program. As to Nathan, he needs to continue his anger mangement Group Therapy program at the Bachmann School of Pycho Babble Republicanism and finally the other dude should say he never heard of or knew his Father.. Other than that, the Good News is that this amazing group of Republicans will kill each other off in the primary on who is the Batshit King of Republican BS..

Guess I'll need to update my Vermin bumpersticker


This is a test of your gag response. Arrrrggggghhhhh. The Vermin is back. But maybe he has moderated his views:)



Testing for Nathan?

The Vermin is back. But maybe he has moderated his views:)*wafranklin

He sure has! In fact his new postion on why his nearest competitor Nathan Tabor shouldn't be waterboard for running against him this time.