Another challenger for Brad Miller?

Republican sharks are circling the 13th District:

Rockingham District Attorney Phil Berger, Jr. says he’s “thinking about” challenging incumbent Democrat Brad Miller in the 13th congressional district next year. “It’s an interesting opportunity. Timing in life is so important, and these opportunities don’t come around all the time.”

It's not "opportunity knocking" when your dad is in charge of the entity that creates your opportunity, it's called "nepotism".


Turned my stomach

Sort of like the Bush boys ... they hate government, even though they don't mind taking a taxpayer-funded paycheck.

I have a hunch

this list will keep on growing. Hopefully the Primary will get ugly, like we-can't-forgive-you ugly.

Whatever the case, Brad's a keeper, and it looks like it's going to be a serious uphill climb to keep him in Congress.

We need to do whatever we can to keep him in Congress

He's really one of the good guys.