Another teacher quits ... rather eloquently

I ran across this post earlier today ... and to think with McCrory as govermanure, education in NC could get worse.


NC education WILL get worse

There is no question about it. We'll ramble through the charter/voucher/privatization shuffle, the more-testing-is-better shuffle, the teachers-suck-and-are-lazy shuffle, and the parents-aren't-doing-their-job shuffle and a whole generation of children will be caught in the cross-fire. Those in the top 20% of incomes with sufficient resources to escape the downward spiral of an underfunded public education system will prosper, while the 80% of middle-class children will find themselves in over-crowded, under-resourced, segregated schools. Business leaders will notice, shake their heads in puzzlement, and take their companies and their jobs to other states.

McCrory will make Hurricane Sandy look like a walk in the park.