Anthropomorphizing the weather?

I know we homo sapiens think we are the center of god's universe, but can we please stop with the practice of interpreting everything around us in terms of human emotion? Especially when it comes to the weather.

"We've got a blast of cold air that's going to come swinging through for the weekend, and our temperatures will struggle to make it above freezing," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

Here I sit looking at the thermometer outside my window. It is made using a coiled piece of metal that expands and contracts as the temperature changes. There is no sign of anything even remotely resembling a struggle.


It's a pet peeve of mine

when Meteorologists talk like we/they (humans)have any control over the weather. They do it a lot.

One of our local weather guys has been making snow in his own front yard for a month or so. He's stopped for now... until he sees the water and electric bills.

Progressives are the true conservatives.

You shouldn't talk like this

you're going to upset the Weather, and then we'll have hail storms for weeks!

Very funny

If you were a GooPer, your Thermostat would just say NO!

One of my neighbors, an ardent tea-bagger, is out sunning himself as we speak. A dome of warm air has settled in over said tea-bagger's domicile. John Boehner (or is that Boner?) is there rubbing suntan oil on his supporter's hairy back. They'll do anything for a GoopPer voter.

Meanwhile, we liberals are freezing. Yesterday I went into the yard to clear away some debris and came back in to find water leaking from our porch ceiling. Knowing there were no water pipes there I was confooozed. Turns out the bathroom fan vent pipe/flexible tube runs through and apparently vapors had condensed into an ice ball ...and the mild temps yesterday allowed it to melt ..and there must have been a small hole in the vent tubing. We liberals have all the fun...

Stan Bozarth