Anti-abortion zealot "advising" NC DHHS

Aldona Wos' gravy train picks up a Tea Party nutjob passenger:

Margaret "Mardy" Peal, 42, started with the department as a senior planner Aug. 12 and will make $95,000 a year, salary records show. She taught at ECU for about three years in the 1990s, was briefly involved in the early stages of the Eastern North Carolina Tea Party and donated $1,250 to McCrory's campaign in 2012.

Peal was also listed in 2010 under her married name, Grubb, as a member of the board of directors for the anti-abortion Carolina Pregnancy Center, which provides "abortion alternatives, post abortion support and abstinence education with the hope of transforming lives through Jesus Christ," according to its Facebook page.

I wonder what Jesus Christ would say about DHHS failing to provide food stamps for thousands of hungry children while paying one of his followers $95,000 per year. Pretty sure he would not be happy about that.


Something about the Sermon on the Mount comes to mind

As I recall, Jesus said something about blessed are the poor and meek and... well, whatever...

Not in the new GOP-ruled NC !!!

To heck with those freeloaders and losers!


The American Taliban in NC

These nut jobs have got to be stopped. For some reason, they issue a stream of rhetoric that makes sense to shallow thinkers, but cannot withstand scrutiny. We all need to do a better job of explaining how the social contract works in government and why isolationism and personal greed are anathema to democracy.