Bail bond scandal still haunting Republican leadership

I attended a fund raiser quite all of a sudden this past weekend for the man who may be the only one with guts to stand up to Tillis. That man being Rep. Robert Brawley. For his trouble he got Gestapo tactics aimed at him...suggesting his mental health state, threaten of censure, etc. Cheap shot bully tactics from the guy who wants to be our US Senator. This story is old but still evolving. I don't know how to embed the video, but I will try and will paste the link here.

Take a look. Brawley is telling the truth. He may be the only one on Jones St. willing to do so. Two videos ... first the Bail Bond scandal that everybody is ducking, then Rep Robert Brawley calmly telling it straight.

Here goes...

Bail bond scandal

and here is Brawley with editing showing Tillis lying to the trucking assn, etc. Brawley's straight talk


if it's not too taboo..

I will comment on my own post. As far as the Bail Bond Scandal goes...if you need or want to know more, let's do it Johnny Carson style...
"How about that Bail Bond Scandal? Boy, that was rotten" (and then the crowd shouts back: "How ROTTEN was it?")
It was so rotten that right leaning Carolina Journal's John Hood wrote an article against the monopoly here

I tell you it was so rotten right leaning Carolina Journal again wrote an investigative piece by Dan Way found here. This article is particularly humorous near the end as all major players develop amnesia.

It was so rotten The Institute for Constitutional Law (Art Pope is a director) wrote an Amicus brief to the Court of Appeals also exposing the action taken by Republican leaders to self-deal at the expense of a legally operating competitor.
It's pretty bad when folks aligned WITH you call you out.

Hey Republican leaders!! Let's hear some more about free market, fair trade, following the Constitution, and transparency. You know how to TALK it, but can't WALK it.

Not taboo at all

One of my main nuggets of advice to new bloggers is "Always be your own first commenter." It's a great way to get the discussion going ... and I always seem to have forgotten something in my original post.

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Thanks, and shucks and the same time. I kinda like being taboo, darn it. James if you need a bondsman, let me know.