The Bergermeister chooses big fish in little pond option

Proving that he cares more about power and influence than he does about service:

After weeks of exploring a possible bid and even running TV ads criticizing Hagan, Berger announced last week that he will seek re-election to the state Senate. As tempting as a U.S. Senate bid would have been, Berger would have been risking a certain power base in exchange for a roll of the dice.

Even if he had won election, Berger, 61, would have been a rookie in what would likely be a Senate led by Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Mitch McConnell. Instead, Berger will continue as the most influential figure in North Carolina politics as long as the Republican hegemony continues in Raleigh.

Berger is still running TV ads against Hagan (and Barack Obama, just to please the racist mouth-breathers). Along those bigoted lines, he will probably throw his support behind an architect of the anti-gay marriage amendment:

With Berger staying in Raleigh, the GOP Senate primary line becomes clear, pitting Tillis, the insider, business-oriented candidate, against Harris, the outsider candidate, who will try to rally grass-roots support particularly among social conservatives.

Harris, a Charlotte pastor, has never run for political office, but in 2012, he was among the leaders behind the successful state constitutional amendment to prohibit gays from marrying.

Sending Tillis to Washington would be an embarrassment, but Harris would be worse. Much worse. It would be (one more) slap in the face to LGBT citizens state- and nation-wide, and he would probably be a faithful soldier in the war against women, too.


"...once the Primary is over."

Yeah, the Bergermeister is going to fight Tillis with whatever tool he has available, and that tool is probably going to be Mark Harris:

What a jackass. He refuses to look at the issue outside of religious confines, until he is thrashed by the inconsistencies of biblical mandates. So then he starts talking about the non-biblical reasons for pushing his bigoted amendment. Typical hypocritical bible-thumper.