Bill James wins

An activist in one national progressive organization asked me yesterday about Mecklenburg homophobe Bill James. "Should we go along with the commissioners' resolution or call for James to be censured?" he asked. Too bad he didn't listen to my advice.

"Going along" with the namby-pamby resolutions is how progressives prove again and again that they don't have the stomach to play in today's political arena. One need look no farther than comments by Bill James himself to prove the point.

James later joined commissioners in unanimously adopting a resolution pledging their support for diversity, tolerance and inclusion in the community, while opposing inflammatory speech that could hurt others. James said he supported the resolution, in part, because he wasn't named in it and said "it won't really accomplish anything."

Bill James may be an odious asshole, but at least he knows how to call a spade a spade:

He said he believed the measure was a way to put a "nice, glossy, fancy façade" on the issue as the community bids to bring the Democratic National Convention to town, and said if other commissioners were serious about standing up for sexual rights, they'd try to get state laws changed.


Comments from the hearing

Bill James:

"If other commissioners were serious about standing up for sexual rights, they'd have censured me and worked to throw me off the board."

Other speakers wanted to do just that
. Too bad the commissioners didn't.

You just can't win

with an ass like him. If Republicans had an ounce of dignity left they'd primary him off the political map.

The County Commission, and

The County Commission, and City Council, must know that this Legacy will not go away with a mere Resolution, and they must hear that these comments are indeed offensive and should not to be tolerated any more than if similar comments were made about Christians or African Americans. Charlotte, N.C. IS NOT the appropriate location for the Democratic convention with this hanging over their heads.

Democratic National Committee
(202) 863-8000

County Commissioners and City Council:

Mayor Anthony Foxx
Jennifer Roberts – Chair
Bill James
Neil Cooksey
Dumont Clarke
Karen Bentley
George Dunlap
Harold Cogdell, Jr.
Jim Pendergraph
Charlotte International Cabinet
Michael Barnes
James Mitchell, Jr.
Nancy Carter
Edwin Peacock
Patrick Cannon
Andy Dulin
Warren Cooksey
Patsy Kinsey
Jason Burgess
David Howard
Warren Turner,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you!

Thank you, customartist, for saying that. I created an account here solely to say that the Democratic convention should not be held in Charlotte for this very reason.

James has made many offensive, bigoted and ignorant statements over his 20 years in office. The only way Mr. James' supporters will get the message is if there is some financial repercussions from his statements.

Just a little while ago, before I saw customartist's message I went to the Democratic Party site and sent a message asking them to remove Charlotte from the list of potential convention sites.

I say this as a proud resident of Charlotte. But money speaks.

Thanks to both of you

for weighing in on the appropriate consequences of Mr. James' actions. I agree with you completely.