Council of State mtg.: Dix Property Sale could be on agenda

While I have been unable to obtain a copy of the agenda for next Tuesday's meeting, I learned in a phone call to the Secretary of State's Office this afternoon that the Council of State is meeting at that time on the 5th floor of the Administration Bldg. on Jones Street.. I got bounced back and forth between the Governor's Press Office and the Secretary of State's Office, until finally I was told by a member of the Press Office that the Office of Management and Budget had the agenda and not the Governor's office.

The Great State of Tom Apodaca

Sen. Tom Apodaca (R-Hendersonville) serves on 12 of the 23 Senate Standing Committees.
--He is the sole Chair of 2: Rules and Ways & Means.
--He is a Co-Chair of 3: Appropriations on Education/Higher Education, Insurance & Pensions and Retirement.
--He is a regular Member of 7: Appropriations on Base Budget, Appropriations on Justice & Public Safety, Commerce, Education/Higher Education, Finance, Judiciary I and Redistricting.

The daily calendar is under his purview as is the general flow of bills. As Rules Chair, Sen. Apodaca decides in which committee bills will be heard, and if they will be heard. It is also up to him whether a bill is debated on the Floor and what day.

NC Democrats form pro-business caucus

In related news, local village idiot is severely burned after squirting lighter fluid into raging bonfire:

Rep. Hanes joins chairman Ken Goodman(NC66), Rep. Ken Waddell(NC46), Rep. William Brisson(NC22), Rep. George Graham(NC12), Rep. Michael Wray(NC27), Rep. Brian Turner(NC116), Rep. Gale Adcock(NC41), Rep. Brad Salmon(NC51), Sen. Jane Smith(NC13), Sen. Joel Ford(NC38), Sen. Ben Clark(NC21).

According to the caucus plans to create an independent expenditure committee in order to help elect other pro-business Democrats to the legislature. In the press release Goodman stated that the group would focus on making sure that “traditional North Carolina Democrats” find a place in the General Assembly, after having lost a number of moderate legislators in recent elections.

Bolding mine. In case any of you "Main Street" Dems haven't noticed, private businesses are pretty much running the state already. The only way we could be even more pro-business is for lawmakers to wear one of those Secret Service earpieces, so their corporate masters could tell them exactly how to vote each time. And if you're working under the mistaken assumption that rolling over for businessmen will somehow encourage more citizens to join the Democratic Party, that is so many degrees of stupid I can't find a word in the English Language to adequately describe it.

Daily dose: Women's rights, health once again under attack

Glazier says increased abortion restrictions need to be blocked (Fayetteville Observer) -- New efforts to restrict abortion access are on the horizon in North Carolina, state House Rep. Rick Glazier said at a news conference Thursday morning, and he wants them blocked. Glazier, a Fayetteville Democrat and abortion rights supporter, led a group of legislators and abortion rights activists who said abortion regulations should not be further expanded.

Esquire takes a swipe at Art Pope

And they don't pull any punches:

We have been somewhat remiss in this shebeen in our coverage of Art Pope, the A-ball Kochite who is the prime reason that the newly insane state of North Carolina has become newly insane. Governor Pat McCrory is the most conspicuous of Pope's various marionettes, which also include his pet state legislature as well as Thom Tillis, a brand-new member of the U.S. Senate. Spectacularly, McCrory appointed Pope his state budget director, which is tantamount to hiring Bernie Madoff as your Chancellor of the Exchequer. Now, though, it appears that Pope has a brand-new shiny object in his sights that he would like to break.

I consider myself somewhat gifted in the area of enhanced vocabulary, but I did have to look up the word "shebeen." Which didn't help all that much, as it is described as an "unlicensed drinking establishment" or an "after-hours speakeasy." I'm sure Greg Flynn would have known, but then he knows a lot of stuff I don't. The article also quotes our friend Bob Geary over at the Indy:

Memo to the GOP State Senate: Where are the Women?

The State Senate demographic data are now posted on the NC General Assembly website - Here are some fun facts:

--There are 11 women serving out of 50 Senators. Five of the 11 are Republicans.

--Of the 23 Standing Committees, there are zero (0) Senate Standing Committees chaired by a woman.

--Of the 23 Standing Committees, there are two (2) Senate Standing Committees co-chaired by women.

--There are zero (0) women in the Republican leadership.

Daily dose: Don't touch the door edition


NAACP-led protests resume at North Carolina Legislature (AP) — North Carolina's NAACP leader challenged new rules concerning public assembly in the State Legislative Building as part of protests on Wednesday targeting legislative policies by GOP leaders who control both chambers.


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