Feeding the hungry still a low priority for McCrory administration

"Let them eat some sort of cake-like substance," said Queen Aldona:

The state was one of the worst in the nation in timely application approvals in 2013, according to Thursday’s letter, and had not reached an acceptable level in 2014. The agency asked DHHS for a response within 30 days on how it will improve.

“The state’s chronically poor performance in timeliness is in direct conflict with application processing statutory and regulatory provisions meant to protect a low-income household’s right to receive nutrition assistance benefits in a timely manner,” said the letter from USDA regional administrator Robin D. Bailey Jr.

It makes you wonder just what Wos would have to do to be considered incompetent in the eyes of McCrory. Accidentally burning down a building might do it, but after listening to twenty minutes of her painfully off-topic explanation he would probably just say, "Try not to do it again."

Daily dose: Charity comes to Dukeville edition


1100 gallons of water delivered to Dukeville (Salisbury Post) -- More than 1,100 gallons of water, about 10,000 pounds, were delivered to the Miller’s Ferry Fire Department Friday following a donation from the Mooresville plant of Niagara Water. The delivery was organized by the Wallace and Graham Law firm, who is representing many of the neighbors of Buck Steam Station with contaminated well water.

Opposition to ag-gag bill growing daily

Animal cruelty is only part of the issue:

Animal welfare and labor advocates began pressuring Gov. Pat McCrory this week to veto the bill. The Humane Society of the U.S. launched a week-long TV ad campaign.

The farm group’s letter says in part: “By permitting severe repercussions against those who report on illegal activity on farms, HB 405 grants a free pass to those recklessly cutting corners, and as such, directly threatens our economic viability as responsible farmers and food producers.”

Daily dose: 3 cheers for Solar PV edition


NC House votes to keep solar energy tax credits (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The N.C. House voted down an effort from some Republicans to kill a tax credit for solar energy projects. Rep. Marilyn Avila, a Raleigh Republican, sponsored the amendment to let the program expire at the end of the year. Her proposal failed in a 38-77 vote.

Contract for Exploratory Oil Drilling in Cumberland-Marlboro Basin

Environmental regulators this week issued the state's first contracts to test sites in North Carolina for oil and gas resources ahead of any potential drilling.

The two contracts with Sanford-based Patterson Exploration Services will cost the state $236,500 for core sampling in several locations in Stokes, Scotland, Hoke and Cumberland counties.

Another Perspective (Part 4 of 5)

Part 4 of 5: Too big to fail too big to Jail
With respect to corporate America this series of articles, from the beginning, is designed to debunk the notion and idea that “bigness” is the stimulating notion of the day for business. A challenge is offered to counter the false choice heard in the halls of politics that the present economic system of capitalism or free trade must adapt globally, or self-destruct and be replaced by socialism.


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