Duke University threatened by terrorists, cancels religious ceremony

Appeasement of extremists will simply encourage more tyrannical behavior:

DURHAM, N.C. — Duke University has canceled plans for Muslim students to sound the traditional call to prayer from the school’s iconic chapel tower amid threats of violence and a backlash from anti-Muslim groups, conservatives and Christian leaders. “The vehemence of the reaction from a number of quarters created concerns about security,” Mr. Schoenfeld said, though he declined to discuss specific threats.

The evangelist Franklin Graham called on Duke donors and alumni to withhold support until “this policy is reversed.”

“To use that bell tower as a minaret, to call on the god of Islam,” Mr. Graham told a television station in Charlotte, N.C., “we as Christians are being marginalized.”

It's the same God, you f**king idiot. And for those of you who still think using the tower to broadcast the muezzin is inappropriate, guess what? It's a BELL TOWER. It's designed to allow the bells to be heard by the faithful, so they will know when it's time for mass, prayer, or a fricking pot-luck dinner. I have heard the call to prayer in a few different Middle-Eastern cities, and it's beautiful, if a sound can be described as beautiful. And the sheer hypocrisy of people threatening violence to silence such is mind-bending.

Daily dose: Fibber Pat version

McCrory vs. the truth - once again (Charlotte Observer) -- Was Pat McCrory fibbing then, or is he fibbing now? For years, McCrory was declared a partner in his brother’s firm. But on state ethics forms, the governor claimed he was merely a consultant, not a partner. There’s a big difference. McCrory & Company, led by Pat’s brother Phil, made clear on its website what Pat McCrory’s role was. “Pat McCrory is a Partner with McCrory & Company,” the website said. “His major focus is client development, strategic planning and leadership consulting.” When McCrory was elected governor in 2012, McCrory & Company issued a statement congratulating him. “We are proud to announce that McCrory & Company Partner, Pat McCrory has been elected Governor of the state of North Carolina and will begin his new responsibilities in early January, 2013.”

NCDP Flat Broke and in Debt $129,000

The election of a new chair to lead the North Carolina Democratic Party is right around the corner and the State Executive Committee still has not been informed where their meeting will be held on February 7. It is assumed that the meeting was changed from Daniels Middle School in Raleigh to TBD because the school did not have enough parking to accommodate a meeting of this size.

Offshore wind vs offshore drilling: No contest

Just a few stats for your next argument with the "Drill, baby, drill!" idiots:

In the next 20 years, offshore wind could create about 91,000 more jobs than offshore drilling (about double the job creation potential of offshore oil and gas). A modest and gradual development of offshore wind on the East Coast over the next 20 years could generate enough energy to power over 115 million households.

Based on government estimates, if all of the economically recoverable offshore oil and gas in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf were extracted and used, oil demand would only be met for less than five months and gas demand would only be met for less than 10 months, at current consumption rates.

As I've mentioned before, NC has an even better geo- and topographical characteristic than other Atlantic Coast states for deployment of wind energy. Both the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds are huge areas, and most of those square miles are not navigable by any craft larger than a ski boat due to shallows. And the wind out there is nearly constant and strong. I didn't even know you could get "windburn" until I took the Swan Quarter to Ocracoke ferry. And yes, it hurts. ;) A few more observations:

Trudy Wade's Greensboro gambit gets nod from Berger

And the stink of this plan just got unbearable:

When asked if he would favor legislative changes in the makeup or size of the Greensboro City Council — something Sen. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford) said she is considering — Berger said he would be interested to see what Wade proposes.

“There are some very good reasons to make some changes,” he said. “I think she may very well be on the right track.”

And what are some of those reasons, pray tell? Neither you nor Trudy Wade have revealed to the public anything more than vague mumblings, which means this is not a populist move, it's something else. And that something else needs to be revealed to the people of Greensboro, before you attempt to stifle their voices.

Compulsory Pooling vs "condemnation"

Interesting twitter exchange this morning with Rep. Chuck McGrady concerning his proposed constitutional amendment which would supposedly limit the use of condemnation for other than "public use." Apparently he doesn't consider compulsory pooling to be the same as condemnation. That sounds like semantics to me.

Daily dose: No Medicaid expansion, sez Bergermoore

State lawmakers have no plans to extend Medicaid (Fayetteville Observer) -- North Carolina won't extend government-paid health insurance to nearly 500,000 of its lower-income residents, the state legislature's leaders said on Wednesday, the first day of the 2015-16 session of the N.C. General Assembly. During a news conference to discuss their lawmaking plans, Berger and Moore said they would not expand Medicaid eligibility to nearly 500,000 lower-income residents who are in a gap in health care coverage that the legislature chose to create in 2013 after the U.S. Supreme Court partly overturned the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

To Broadband, or Not To Broadband….

When President Barack Obama spoke about his plan to maintain Net Neutrality on Wednesday, he noted Wilson, NC, as an example of great broadband operation… Wilson set up a town-operated broadband wifi system accessible to all residents. Wilson calls its system Greenlight. It provides a fiber network to each subscriber, and offers video, high speed internet, and phone (local service). Issues are resolved locally, not through a long-distance, hard to reach unidentified person. Wilson is North Carolina's Gigabit City.

Why I do not support the "Dix Visionaries" version of the Dix legacy

Letter to the Editor sent to the Raleigh News and Observer and other Raleigh media outlets:

Here is a short list (not a comprehensive one) of myths being presented to the people of Raleigh and the State of North Carolina by the local Raleigh media regarding the document signed Monday with regard to negotiations to sell the Dix property:


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