Friday News: So much for doctor-patient confidentiality


IN HB2 LAWSUIT, LAWYERS FOR GOV., GOP WANT PLAINTIFF HEALTH RECORDS (Winston-Salem Journal) -- A federal judge is set today to address a request for a protective order that would prevent the introduction of certain medical and behavioral health records of plaintiffs and witnesses in a House Bill 2 transgender lawsuit. Attorneys for the defendants, who include Gov. Pat McCrory and the top two GOP legislative leaders, want access for up to 10 years’ worth of records for the plaintiffs and their witnesses.

More school privatization on the menu with Mark Johnson

I'm already missing June Atkinson:

Johnson, an attorney who taught public school with the Teach for America program before entering law school, deserves credit for running an energetic campaign, and he made his fast-paced pitch to voters in every corner of the state. One priority: reducing testing, which Johnson believes is taking too much energy from teachers. Another: more help for local districts from DPI. And another: support for charter school expansion and a voucher program wherein public money goes to parents (for now, only to lower-income parents) who want to send their children to private school.

Standard, boiler-plate Conservative stuff. Testing has gotten out of control, but the charter/voucher mantra is getting tiresome. A lot more failures than successes, and the tenacity in which these people pursue such a dubious program screams a hidden agenda. Whether that is greed for profit or the desire to undermine government-controlled education, it really doesn't matter. Education results are a secondary consideration, which means these programs will continue to fail, pissing away public monies in the process.

Thursday News: McCrory grabbing for straws


MCCRORY TEAM: ELECTION PROTESTS FILED IN 12 COUNTIES (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign team announced Wednesday night that election protests are being filed in 11 more counties alleging fraudulent absentee voting may have benefited Democratic candidates. “It is absolutely shameful that Gov. McCrory would make these unfounded claims,” Cooper campaign spokesman Ford Porter said. “This is the worst kind of misinformation campaign meant to undermine the results of an election the Governor has lost.”

Wednesday News: Straight from the Republican horse's mouth

"I would like everybody to know that we, as of today, and I say this absolutely with no hesitance, we have seen no evidence whatsoever that there's any inaccuracy or any problem with any of the returns that were reported on Election Day," Brian said at a news conference on Tuesday. "We have no reason to believe that the returns that came back on the paper tapes are in any way inaccurate or any different than they would have been had the cards read into the machines read properly." – Bill Brian, chairman Durham County Board of Elections

More rope please

I have long believed it is mostly unproductive for progressives to be lobbying Republican policy makers. The effect of our efforts is generally marginal, and serves only to make the outrageous seem slightly less outrageous, giving Republicans the cover they need to say, "Hey, this is bipartisan blah blah." I've specifically argued for giving them more rope here in North Carolina, and now I am arguing for it at the federal level.


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