PBA shows some love for Josh Stein for NC AG

Choosing wisdom and experience over bluster and demagoguery:

North Carolina’s largest law enforcement association has endorsed former state senator Josh Stein for attorney general.

"Josh Stein has a strong record of making our communities safer and of standing up for law enforcement,” President Randy Byrd said in a statement released Friday. “The North Carolina PBA is proud to put our support behind Josh and to help elect him as our next attorney general. A vote for Josh is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve."

Josh has a deep understanding of issues people like Buck Newton either can't grasp or don't care to. Recidivism is not baked into the genes of criminal offenders, it is a product of environment and a lack of effort on the part of society to figure out what works and what doesn't:

ACLU NC throws down gauntlet on abortion rights

Putting the gynoticians on notice:

Abortion has been targeted in every legislative session since the current leadership took over in Raleigh. The current majority at the legislature has denied women the ability to access health insurance that covers abortion through the Affordable Care Act exchange, attempted to corrupt the doctor/patient relationship through a ban on “sex selective” abortions, instituted a three-day waiting period for women seeking an abortion (the longest in the country), directed the Department of Health and Human Services to review and implement new laws regulating abortion clinics in the hopes of shutting them down and required doctors performing abortions after 16 weeks to submit women’s ultrasounds to DHHS for review.

Republican anti-abortion zealots exhibit the worst in political behavior: When you can't get what you want via overt legal means, you take a more devious route, strewing impediments in the way of women seeking to control their own bodies. Knowing they can't succeed in outright banning of abortion, they settle for a de facto abortion ban cloaked in "women's health" language. And the fact they take pride in such cowardly and specious behavior instead of hanging their heads in shame makes them even more despicable. But the Constitutional light is now illuminating this trickery:

Friday News: Wind energy saved by the bell


WIND FARM BILL GOT CAUGHT IN TURBULENCE (Coastal Review) -- Sen. Harry Brown, R-Onslow, confirmed Thursday that he’ll try again next session to pass restrictions on land-based wind farms that he says could be in conflict with military flight paths. Brown’s bill was one of several regulatory efforts that fell victim to a contentious end-of-session showdown between the state House and Senate that left undone a number of major pieces of legislation before the North Carolina General Assembly adjourned last week.

Mark Meadows and the sexually-harassing skeleton in his closet

A tawdry tale of blackmail and misogyny:

The House Ethics Committee says it's giving itself until mid-August to make a decision on whether Meadows improperly paid his departed chief-of-staff after he left his job. The committee can punish House members who violate ethics rules.

The committee has considered the Meadows matter since March. A Meadows spokesman did not respond Wednesday to messages seeking comment.

He was too busy crossing his fingers and hoping this would just go away. And considering Republicans are in charge of the House and its Ethics Committee, it very well might go away. But the voters in Meadows' District, especially the female voters, should be demanding some answers about this stinking mess:

Thursday News: "Are they gone yet?"


HB2 OPPONENTS BOOK GOVERNOR'S LIVING ROOM FOR EVENT (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Opponents of House Bill 2 have been blasting the governor’s mansion with air horns every Wednesday for months. Now they’ve reserved the first floor of Gov. Pat McCrory’s residence for a “garden party.” “While the current resident of the Governor’s Mansion isn’t a supporter of equality, it’s the people’s house and so we’re renting it out for the evening and throwing a party!” the liberal advocacy group Progress N.C. says in an invitation on its website.

Compromising higher education: NC State's industry affiliate problem

When the destruction of natural habitats is no big deal:

Fritts spent four years counting mammals, reptiles and amphibians on clearcut loblolly plantation sites in Georgia and North Carolina. She did in-depth research on how biomass harvesting affected populations of shrews, rodents, southern toads and eastern narrow-mouthed toads.

“We didn’t find significant differences in impact on wildlife based on biomass harvesting treatments, no matter how much biomass was removed following a clearcut or whether it was clustered or dispersed,” Fritts says. “The diversity, evenness and abundance of mammal, reptile and amphibian species generally were similar among all of the treatments.”

I have little doubt Dr. (she is now) Fritts' research was sound, she is dedicated to little critters. But this is important: The study didn't compare animal populations in uncut forests to those that had been clear-cut, it was varying degrees of residue left on the ground. Which is important to the industry, who want every little morsel of those harvested trees. The studies *we* need to see are the ones I mentioned above; mortality rates from the harvesting itself. But don't hold your breath waiting for NC State to produce damning evidence of such, because they're too busy helping industry deforest our state:


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