BlueNC update: the use of tags in blog posts

BlueNC is a member-driven website, and we encourage all of you to exercise your voice here. One of the features available when composing a diary are tags, which interact with Google (and other) search engines, potentially drawing many more readers to your posts. But having too many tags can clog up a system, so we've instituted some changes to help regulate this function. I'm going to turn the rest of this diary over to one of the technicians that keep us running smoothly:

How tagging your blog post on Blue NC works

Before we get into how the tagging system works, I would like to say a big Thank You to all those who actively participate on this site. Your continuous contributions are what make this such a great community!

Now for the tagging. As you all know tagging is a great way to organize and find content on particular topics. However, because we all think a little differently, we sometimes use different but similar tags for the same topic and this makes the organizing and searching content much more difficult.

More below the fold:

In order to minimize this and increase the effectiveness of our tags, we have created a system where tags need to be approved. We spent a lot of hours behind the scenes merging tags to ensure there are no duplicates or similar tags that are worded slightly different. These tags are now approved and can be used by anyone. When you are tagging your post, if the tag you want to use is already available please tag away!

However, there will be instances where the tag you want to use does not exist. In this instance, the tag you select will be sent to a pending approval list. Once a week, this list will be reviewed and tags will be approved or denied. If the tag you request is in the same family of an existing tag it will be merged with that tag. Once the tags are approved, there is nothing you need to do. The newly approved tag will automatically be added to your post.

We hope this process will go a long way in making all the great content on this site be better organized and easier to find based on tags. Thank you for your patience as we implement the system and please continue to add your voices to the discussion.

Thanks for all you do!

And thanks for all you folks do. We'd be lost without you.

Additional note: just as your e-mail will drop down suggestions when you are typing in an address, the tag section will do the same. So, if you're typing say "Republican attack on...", you should see some previous tags show up down below. If any of those will suffice, just drop your cursor down and left-click it. These are already in the system, and won't require an acceptance delay.




I've noticed that there are several (sometimes quite a few) different slight variations in tags for popular (or perhaps unpopular) people and topics. Thanks for doing this!

P.S. TAGS = The Andy Griffith Show ;-)

P.P.S Tag -- you're it!

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis