Buncombe County's "Project X"

Buncombe County Commissioners approved an incentive package of some $17 million dollars in a land swap/tax break deal that would result in a whopping 52 jobs by 2017. For those who are math challenged, that's $325,000 per job.

I understand that it's dog-eat-dog in the world of economic development, with all kinds of businesses essentially extorting money from local taxpayers. But at some point, this corporate welfare has to end.

I'm all for local governments providing needed infrastructure for industry. In fact, that is a proper role of government. But when a government body can vote to hand out millions of dollars to a supposedly already-profitable company, there is something wrong.

And when one looks at the 52 jobs that would be created, one has to simply scratch one's head in puzzlement. Consider that an average size new car dealer has upwards of 125 full-time employees. Would my local county commissioners give me $40 million in incentives to locate a dealership in their county?

Dell, Google, MetLife, the list goes on and on of profitable companies slopping at the taxpayers' trough. When will it end?



It's hard to understand such passion for corporate welfare when actual real live human beings are living in abject poverty with no way out.

Actually, it's not hard to understand at all. It's the Republican way.