Burr bumbles through another lecture

And skewers his own party in the process:

“Rome didn’t fall apart because the Huns came out of the Ardennes Forest or the Scots came over Hadrian’s Wall,” Burr said in reading the excerpt. “Rome fell apart in Rome. It became complacent, lazy, and indolent. Its citizens stopped caring for each other. It became a society for the selfish. Its people concentrated on their rights, not their responsibilities."

I agree. So we should forget about extending and increasing tax cuts for the (selfish) rich, and fight any attempts to cut programs that allow us to care for each other in a fair and comprehensive fashion.


Just thought I would add,

another reason Rome fell was due to an increasing reliance on mercenaries to fight their wars for them...


Good to see Burr remains true to form, a rich, white frat boy doing nothing of substance, lecturing Americans on something he knows nothing about.

That picture of him and Rmoney and McRmoney and McRyan was a sickening photograph that captures the true decadence of American culture.