Bush's ugly war is now Obama's ugly war

When you send an army to fight a war that can't be won, you should expect the worst.

Top Army officials worry that the case against Specialist Morlock and four other soldiers accused in the killings of three Afghan civilians will undermine efforts to build relationships with Afghans in the war against the Taliban.

Ya think?


The War in Afghanistan

$100 billion per year and accounting. We're regressing not gaining. Corruption is rampant. Taliban stronger than ever. Lost the hearts and souls of the people. Karzai government negotiating settlement with Taliban (read: nooses and burkas.)

Washington doesn't learn. LBJ stepped into same land mine in Southeast Asia; Russians and British before him in Afghanistan. "Winning" ~ a vague and elusive goal.

Budget deficits and federal spending under assault from the right, save for the military industrial complex. Quality of health care and educational attainment well behind other developed nations. A republic shackled by an impotent legislative branch which won't improve for years to come. Wealthiest Americans and special interest/corporations drool at campaign finance laws giving rise to a whole new paradigm of democracy by auction.

The poverty meter hasn't moved since the Great Society. Generational apartheid paralyzes the inner city; the social justice system as a revolving door for recycling offenders. Tainted DNA but the fox keeps the keys to the henhouse. Failed mental health services for those most dependent on the meager resources of state and federal programs which castigate mental illness and substance abuse.....while buttressing those ingesting massive amounts of high fructose and trans fatty acid- laced fast foods breeding diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Krispy Kreme donoughts washed down by Cheerwine by same legislators who allow toxic health-buster foods to be served at public hospitals (?) and schools. Legislature ignores anti-constitutional NC General Statute which persist despite SCOTUS ruling in Lawrence v. Texas seven years ago. Teen suicides amongst gay youth overwhelm all other cohorts. I'm a second-class citizen.

Narco wars to the south fueled by America's insatiable appetite for illicit drugs; failed yet pervasive war on drugs continues. Immigrant phobia. Degredation of the environment in favor of short term economic development.

Self-absorbed masses seizing control of the republic under cover of Tea Party/Fox News/Murdoch/Conservatives/GOP.

The elusive 60th vote, what happened?

America ranked as 11th best nation in which to live by Newsweek....generous at best?

My severly-bipolar son sleeps in the streets of Chapel Hill; I've got no health insurance. Far and away able to cope than most; he's not.

Blogging, tweeting favored tools of Generation Y.......but where are the barricades? The anger. The passion. "Fired up and Ready to Go....." not. I'm complicit in some way.

Is it too late......or, can we muster the spirit of "Never never never give up?"

Corporate Democrats, who are

Corporate Democrats, who are increasingly clones of their Republican colleagues, have pissed on their supporters and blurred the lines between the parties. Voters like Republicans even less, but that ain't saying much.

Republicans are counting on people to be frustrated first, and stupid second. They have no plans, no specifics, and no idea about what they will actually do except trash gay people, subvert public education, and sell off public assets to free market scavengers. Grover Nordquist's wet dream come true.

A pollster I heard on the radio today said

it's the "intensity" of voter's anger and frustration that is driving the Rethugs/Teabagger surge. Really angry people aren't very sensible under any circumstance and they're being fed a steady diet of anger-inducing gibberish from all directions. You're correct that the Republicans have no plans except on how to screw everybody but corporations and the super-rich. Doing that doesn't need a plan...they're experts and have been doing it for years. And, as you said, many of our Dems have happily joined them.

I suppose you read the Tax-Tater in the N&O? Another Dem (Purdue) and the Dept. of Revenue openly screwing the citizenry. If you overpay your taxes, don't know it and don't ask for a refund, they're just gonna keep it. Of course our tax code is soooo simple and straightforward only an idiot would make a mistake...NOT!

Read about it here...

Stan Bozarth