Buying the bench

The rumor mill reports today that Bob Luddy and Tom Fetzer are planning to renew their lease on a North Carolina Supreme Court seat, throwing their corporate cash to incumbent Paul Newby to fend off Democratic challenger over Sam "Jimmy" Ervin. Judging from Art Pope's experience with former justice Bob Orr, Luddy and Fetzer have to think it's a good investment.

This latest Republican money-laundering scheme seems to have been kicked off a couple of weeks ago, with Amy Ballantine Ellis (Patrick Ballantine's sister?) as treasurer. The N&O is apparently working the story.

Womble Carlyle had this to say about the race in February.

Although the races are officially nonpartisan, the Supreme Court is currently comprised of 4 Republicans (Martin, Edmunds, Newby, and Jackson) and three Democrats (Chief Justice Parker, Timmons-Goodson, and Hudson). If Ervin were to defeat Newby, it would tilt the balance of the court to a majority of Democrats.

It's the perfect storm we wrote about in January.

  • Art Pope's corporate coffers helped Republicans buy control of both the North Carolina House and Senate.
  • Pat McCrory has an ATM machine funded by special interests.
  • Fetzer and Luddy are funding Paul Newby's reelection campaign


Money may not be able to buy you love, but it can sure buy a boatload of special interest influence.


Tom Fetzer

More on Fetzer and Ellis

Ellis was most recently assistant treasurer for "Vote FOR Marriage NC", treasurer for Dr. Jim Fulghum for NC House (John Locke board member) and is treasurer for a PAC called ACT NOW whose only contribution comes from Jim Blaine, Phil Berger's Chief of Staff.

In addition to the Justice for All NC PAC filing in NC Ellis also filed 527 paperwork with the IRS with the purpose statement "To promote justice for all citizens and support qualified candidates for judicial office."

Separately Tom Fetzer and Republican campaign finance attorney Roger Knight set filed 527 paperwork with the IRS for the North Carolina Judicial Coalition


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