Call to action: Moral March on Raleigh, February 8

It's not about them, it's about us. In all probability, we won't change the mind of a single elected official. Nor will we wipe the smirks off the faces of lobbyists who walk the halls in Raleigh, trading favors and greasing skids. They have told us again and again that they don't care what we think. They mean what they say.

But no matter what they say, we will be heard. We will make a statement, one that will inspire millions of North Carolina voters to step up and take charge. That's the mission, and you can be part of it.

The Moral March on Raleigh is being organized by HKonJ, Historic Thousands on Jones Street. This year's event promises to be a silo-busting shift into overdrive. Advocates for racial justice have come together with advocates for choice, the environment, human rights, healthcare, and more, knocking down barriers that have long divided the progressive movement. We are moving forward, together.

I will be there and I hope you will too. The Moral March on Raleigh will take place on February 8th. You don't want to miss it.


Fusion politics

I've heard the phrase a lot lately, but have tended to discount it as jargon. You know me. But today at a meeting of the Planned Parenthood for America PAC, a few of the speakers brought it to life in a real and powerful way. One person in particular talked about it this way:

It starts with choice. Unless we have the freedom to control our own bodies, we control nothing. But it doesn't end there. It extends into other critical areas. The freedom to drink clean water and breathe clean air. The freedom to have equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, sexual orientation, and economic status. The freedom to get a good education.

Those freedoms don't exist today. The deck is stacked against women, against blacks, against Latinos, against gays ... in favor of bigots, polluters, and the wealthy. Pat McCrory is part of the problem. Aldona Wos is part of the problem. John Skvarla is part of the problem.

The US's

This is one of the things I think about when I think about fusion politics.

This is another:

Great videos Jake.