Calling a spade a spade: BJ Lawson is wrong in the extreme


Good to see Congressman Price

taking it to Lawson. BJ Lawson would be a disaster for North Carolina's 4th district, and sadly, he doesn't have a clue as to the real impacts his policies would have.

Price is working his District hard

Just did a brief phone interview for a story on his race this afternoon. i was glad to hear the Congressman say that

he fears people do not get how extreme Lawson is

. Dr. B J. is showing his true colors this election, or he has done some real changing since 2008.

Price is right to worry about his voters being complacent. BJ is slick and will spend big bucks to win. And this is going to be a much closer race than any for Price in recent years. Safe District? Are there any this year?


Martha Brock

According to 538

Lawson has slipped from 12.3% chance of victory in Sept to a 3.7% chance of victory now, and seems to be on a downhill trend.

Even so, we shouldn't take anything for granted in this election.

Since there isn't a lot of polling on house races, looking at models seems to be about all there is. Right now 538 basically says NC house seats aren't going to chance hands anywhere, except for maybe Kissell's seat. Kissell has had a slightly better chance of winning than losing until recently, and now he has a slightly better chance of losing than winning, which would be just one step closer to Speak Boehner: