Campus Crusade for Koch

The Center for Public Integrity is out with an analysis of the Koch brothers giving to higher education. The brothers spent more than $12.7 million at 163 universities around the country.

Among the recipients were Duke University and UNC. At UNC, they paid $100,000 for a visiting faculty position.

The Center notes that the donations sometimes come with strings attached:

"...the Charles Koch Foundation in 2011 pledged $1.5 million to Florida State University’s economics department, a contract between the foundation and university stipulated that a Koch-appointed advisory committee select professors and conduct annual evaluations..."

The Center links to the Koch's IRS filing that gives you a complete list. Included among the recipients are Campbell University, High Point University, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest University, Western Carolina, and Winston-Salem State University. And Art Pope's John Locke Foundation, his stinktank tied to ALEC, got $25,000.


How much you wanna bet

the Duke faculty "position" was the guy who recently testified about all the horrors of Obamacare?