Charles Taylor Holds NC-11 Republicans Hostage

No matter your feelings about Heath Shuler (Mixed Bag D - NC), no one misses The Lump. Disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor ran the dirtiest campaign in memory, throwing nearly $4 million at those amateur television spots and mailers in an effort to make people forget just how much they loathed him. Almost $3 million of that came out of Taylor's own deep pockets, and Charles Taylor does not like spending his own money.

In this post-election year, using every other off-year as a basis, we can safely assume that Taylor is busy raising money to pay himself back for all those rubles he spent. Meanwhile, a squadron of Republican candidates wait in the wings, knowing that every day Charles Taylor doesn't withdraw his name from the race is a day lost.

Jeff Hunt, District Attorney for Transylvania, Polk, and Henderson counties, is a Taylor protege and most likely heir to the reins of the Taylor machine. In this interview with WNCNN, Hunt made clear his intention to run... should Taylor choose not to.

tomapodaca.jpgAnother name waiting at the edge of the ring is NC State Senator Tom Apodaca. He's got conservative credentials and a dramatically backlit glamour shot to boot.

Then there's the dark horses - the one-man Army of Mumpower and Freeper, John Armor. Carl Mumpower has appointed himself avatar of all things wingnut. He has demonstrated an amazing knack for rallying people on immigration, drugs, vagrants, and partisan elections. I think Carl would love an invitation to dance on the big stage.

John Armor ran against Taylor last time and lost in an %82-%18 rout, but he's undeterred and is considering another run. Translated - he's running.

None of these men will enter the race, however, without Charles Taylor's announcement.

How long will they have to wait? I can't imagine Charles Taylor really running again. In his last campaign he behaved like a broken man. The endless trail of scandal he's left in his wake will not provide good footing for anything resembling a win.

We'll wait for enough people to kiss Taylor's ring, so he can declare his intention to retire from politics. Meanwhile, Hooligans imagine that Jeff Hunt is trying to line up support for the day The Lump stops holding his Party hostage. Every day that he waits to withdraw is another day that Heath Shuler gets to set the terms of the campaign debate. I'm not in any hurry for the Republican candidate to step out from behind Taylor's robes, but it's clear that Taylor's intransigence is leaving the Republicans rudderless.

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I love that Charlie Taylor video.

Brings tears to my eyes every time. Thanks for posting it again.

This is a great post all around, with only one small correction. Chuck hasn't left the Republicans rudderless . . . they were rudderless all along. When the only thing you stand for is greed that destroys government and accountability, it's hard to make a case that you're headed anywhere worth going . . . the very definition of rudderless.

I loved having the opportunity

to post the videos again. Taylor's iron grip on Republican Congressional politics in this District sent them into a maelstrom of scandal and incompetence. Their direction was clear. Now? They wait adrift.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Run John Run!

John Armor ran against Taylor last time and lost in an %82-%18 rout, but he's undeterred and is considering another run. Translated - he's running.*SH

Oh No! No John again? The only thing that wack out Freeper will be running for is the Tennessee Border like my former Mexican landscaper.

One more

Here's another name that keeps popping up: Henderson County Sheriff Rick Davis. And look at him grandstanding this week, traipsing up here to DC to ask Dole and Shuler to help him acquire the power to get his people trained to ID undocumented immigrants

Davis was in Washington this week meeting with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, Congressman Heath Shuler and other lawmakers to get support for the county to be designated in the federal 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to be trained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on identifying and handling illegal immigrants who break the law.

Sure sounds like a candidate to me.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Just proof that Charlie don't care about

ANYTHING but Charlie.

That he can withstand pressure, which must be coming from the party daily by now, and keep everyone up in the air like this is proof positive that he is a selfish prick.

I predict he will run again. He is that arrogant.

I hope he does.

He'd completely demoralize the GOP in the 11th district . . .


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