Charlotte Observer's take on David Parker

The Observer's editorial board which is pretty good on our issues, blisters Parker and the events of this past Saturday

Parker’s self-centered decision to stay on as party chairman despite his role in it (sexual harassement scandal), are embarrassing the Democrats and threaten to hurt the very candidates Parker is supposed to help elect.

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They also ran a pretty good editorial cartoon:



There was a time when newspaper editorials had clout in terms of shaping opinion on the critical issues of the day. Amendment One proved that they are all but irrelevant in these troubled times.

I agree with the substance of the editorial, but it's hard to imagine Mr. Parker being able to see the light it's shining.

Two Cents

I've been hesitant to chime in on this mainly because I have limited knowledge of the situation. But it reminds me of the Edwards fiasco in this way. I live in the 5th district. This means that a lot of people I am trying to sway are Republicans and not a small amount of conservative Democrats.

Back in 2008 I jumped on the Edwards bandwagon hard. I talked to friends and relatives. No, I all out harassed friends and relatives. This was a home-state guy. A white guy with a southern accent. The "son of a mill worker." This seemed like the right guy and the right time and I went all in, figuring if that worked out well I would have some credibility in the future.

Now, I don't need to tell anyone here how that turned out. Lots of people that I had worked years to gain their trust decided that I was an unreliable source. SO back into the bubble they went and I went back to being just a minor annoyance.

Of curse David Parker isn't John Edwards. I am not trying to make that comparison. What I am trying to say that this stuff matters. When a party leader is tainted, we are all tainted. And while a lot of people say, with good intentions, it's time to move on and come together, well, it's not really that simple.

Our job is not just keeping ourselves together, but getting others to join us. Which means we need to be better than the alternative. We can't be saints and we can't expect our leaders to be saints. But we can be as good as we can possibly be, and we can expect those who fail this test to take responsibility and be held accountable. For the sake of us all.

That's my two cents.


The Charlotte Observer nailed it on the head.

A reference and a question (or three)

On a related note, one should read Gary Pearce's blog post and especially focus on the end. The link is here:

And, is it true that Parker fairly recently signed a long-term (as in several years long) lease for a North Carolina Democratic Party headquarters in Charlotte --- if so, did the party Executive Council or other folks have knowledge of this in advance and also give authority or permission for the lease to be entered into and funds to be committed? Just wondering. Maybe it's not true anyway. Merely trying to separate rumors from facts. The Party surely needs a major presence in Charlotte leading up to the national convention and the general election; but does the rumored long term lease suggest a permanent "western" hq for the state Democratic Party? Perhaps not a bad idea, but just wondering.