North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jerry Meek today sent out an alarming email:

Dear NC Democrat:

It’s Halloween and we’re not surprised that the Republicans are up to their dirty tricks.

Yesterday, I received various complaints about deceptive Republican tactics during the early voting in Chapel Hill. Apparently, Republican canvassers are approaching people entering the polls and asking if they’re Democrats. If the answer is “yes,” they are given a flyer and told "This is a list of our judicial candidates." The problem: the list contains only the Republican candidates! Because Party affiliation isn’t listed on the ballot, voters are being misled.

This story is spreading fast and gaining traction. It was even the subject of Chris Fitzsimons' commentary today at NC Policy Watch. Unfortunately, Chris conflates organized lying and election fraud at a polling place with the use of high-strung rhetoric in campaign literature. They are not the same thing. Republican cheating crosses a line that should not be crossed.


Those wankers!

Okay, that's just plain gross.

I got the same e-mail

and forwarded it to all my friends. Also, a few weeks back, I got a door hanger that listed all the judicial candidates, but there was a catch, they were all republicans and the text that told you this was very tiny. So at first glance, you would assume it was the entire list of candidates.

Better info in the mail

Thankfully, the state party seems to be on top of this by mailing out blue cards to registered Democrats with the correct list of judges. These are for state-wide judge races though...district ones aren't listed. But it's a start...I really don't want those Republicans to get on the State Supreme Court.

thank god

thats great...for those who havent voted yet.

but its usually a 75% drop off from presidential to judges, so every vote counts.

"Keep the Faith"

Driving Mrs Republican Judges to the Polls in Style

I really don't want those Republicans to get on the State Supreme Court.* RR

Right! We don't want those Republican Judges who drive their Cadillacs to the polls this coming Tuesday in style. Vote the rich conservative religious funny bums out!!!!

Duly noted

I just posted about this on OrangePolitics. Thanks for the heads up.

= Ruby

The OCDP has been on the streets and in your mailbox.

They have mailed out highlighted sample ballots and "we" have been dropping off voter guides with Democratic judges listed at every Democrat's door.

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