Citizen by Bob Geary

from a column in the Independent Weekly by Bob Geary:

Which brings me to the subject of Saturday's "Moral March on Raleigh," which I hope will be massive and a fitting renewal of last year's electrifying Moral Monday protests.

Aside from the wonderfully diverse crowds, the best thing about these events is the re-energizing of the progressive movement—and the claiming of the moral high ground.

I subscribe to the view articulated by George Lakoff, the University of California-Berkeley linguist and cognitive scientist, that progressives do a lousy job of communicating our core values. While we present data and never fail to see the other guy's point of view, conservatives fire away with a righteous moral agenda that, even if people don't buy much or any of it, supplies tremendous emotional power.

No surprise, then, that twice as many Americans call themselves conservative as progressive even when, on issue after issue, more take the progressive position.

Progressives, Lakoff recently said
, "don't know about framing, don't know about metaphors, they don't understand the extent to which emotion is rational, they don't understand how vital emotion is. [So] they hide their emotion."

I agree with Lakoff and with Bob Geary on framing political issues.

I plan to be in Raleigh for the March tomorrow. I will be at the Planned Parenthood area. Drop by and say hello.


Planned Parenthood: 'Why we march'

The ‪#‎MoralMarch‬ on Raleigh is TOMORROW!

PPCNC CEO Janet Colm on why we march, “We march to make clear we will not go back to a time when access to safe and legal health care and the power to exercise your fundamental American rights in the voting booth were rights reserved for the few instead of the many.”

Read more at the official press release here:

Planned Parenthood Marches for North Carolina Women
Source: Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina

Hundreds of women’s health supporters rally in Raleigh for health care and voting rights
Contact Paige Johnson: (919) 618-3899

Martha Brock

Abortion wars taking a nonsensical turn

Abortion wars taking a nonsensical turn
Opinion by By Fannie Flono | Associate Editor | February 6, 2014

You’'d think Republicans seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan would learn from what happened to Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race – or from a decisive vote of the folks in Mississippi in 2011...

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Senator Kay Hagan suppports access to contraceptives. Did you hear Former Republican Gov. Huckabee's rant about women being "unable to control their libido?" As Governor of Arkansas he signed bills into law supporting access. Now he opposes them.

That is a big reason I will be marching in downtown Raleigh tomorrow. As the sign at SC's recent march said, "women are not just incubators."

Martha Brock

Court case appeal

Roy Cooper just announced that NC will appeal the ruling that overturned the narrated ultrasound requirement. So the extremists are wasting more of our tax $ on this ill-fated, unconstitutional law.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Not a big fan of Attorney General Cooper

For all you who want to have a coronation of Roy Cooper for Governor in 2016, are you really, really sure about that? I sure as hell am not. No guts, no glory, in my book.

I hope Cooper shows up tomorrow in Raleigh and has to face the wrath of folks like me who are pissed as hell.

Here is the N&O's story from today on Cooper and the appeal:

RALEIGH — Attorney General Roy Cooper said Friday that the state will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that strikes down the narrated ultrasound provision of an abortion-regulation bill.

“While I oppose laws like this that force the state into women’s medical decisions, the state will appeal this ruling because legitimate constitutional questions remain that should be decided by a higher court,” Cooper said in a statement his office released. “It is the duty of the Office of Attorney General to defend state laws regardless of whether I agree with them.”

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Martha Brock

Not a fan either

I'm supporting Ken Spaulding.

Astute observation

Roy seems to be playing too much politician -- reacting to the polls rather than standing up for what is right. He could take a lesson from the VA AG.

He also needs to fire Mark Isley before he ever will get our support. Seriously. We've been giving time and money to several candidates, but withholding it from Roy until this happens.

Roy has may positive assets, but he needs to get back to the real principles of his constituency, and presumably the ones that led him to run for office in the first place.

When it comes to the lesser of two evils, many people will just drop out. Roy needs to energize his base, and he needs to do that by showing some backbone.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


Is there something about contraception that is inherently anti-religious or anti-humanity? Yes I know that devout Catholics are against any kind of contraception but how many other religions are. Not hardly ANY other Christian religions or denominations are against contraception and there are millions upon millions of republican women that take contraception and even a few republican men that use rubbers I think (probably very few knowing how they think everything is all about them). I don't know why, but I do know that's true. But, thinking contraception is bad and then thinking abortion is bad is kind of like an oxymoron, isn't it? Maybe oxymoron isn't the right word. Maybe I just don't understand. Maybe someone that does can 'splain it to me.