Aiken talking some more about running against Ellmers

As long as he doesn't sing about it we should be okay:

Sources said Aiken has talked to Democratic consultants Betsy Conti, Nation Hahn and Gary Pearce about possibly helping with a run for Congress. He also has spoken with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, sources said.

Former state Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco and Durham attorney Houston Barnes have already announced plans to seek the Democratic nomination in the 2nd District, which is now held by Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

I'm seeing reports that local Democrats are upset with Clay because taking Ellmers' seat will be difficult enough without a Primary. Um, unless Houston Barnes is actually an alter-ego of Keith Crisco, there was already going to be a Primary. Granted, a three-way (get your mind out of the gutter, people!) opens the door to a potential run-off, but I'm willing to hear what Clay has to say. But if I hear the first few intro notes on a piano, especially a show tune, I'll be gone so fast a neutrino would look up in confusion and ask, "What was that?"


More is better

I'm all for breaking the mold on business-as-usual candidates, even though I wasn't able to stand the heat myself. If Aiken can help us out of the mess we're in, more power to him.

Time will tell.

That's what I'm thinking

I'd like to see a really in-depth discussion (or debate) about policy, as opposed to a bunch of happy talk with the proper words inserted for max effect. Sometimes it takes three candidates to get you into three dimensions.

What an ass

Never watched him, because I developed an allergy to reality shows shortly after they emerged on the scene. But he seems like an especially nauseating product from that genre.

That said, I still want to know what's banging around in Clay Aiken's head. If this is just the next chapter in his pursuit of fame, I (think I) will be able to tell, especially when he's faced with impromptu questions.

I'm all for more choices

I don't know much about Aiken either, but, as my wife said elsewhere, "I'd probably vote for him. He's young, he's smart, he seems to be compassionate and he's actually from NC, unlike Renee Ellmers. We could definitely use some new blood in the House from NC."

As for Barnes, I don't know him, and I know it's irrational, but he just rubs me wrong. I think it's that he comes across to me so much like a person groomed to seek power. Looking like a squeaky clean corporate exec doesn't help either, though that's a personality flaw on my part.

Give me young, unproven outsiders any day of the week. I've seen enough of conventional in my life that I really don't want any more.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

The district

is gerrymandered Republican, so if the Dems are to have any chance, it's likely to be a result of some major unanticipated event or an unconventional candidate with star power.

And although I suppose it's theoretically possible, it's hard to imagine anyone worse than Ellmers.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


On the off chance that Toni might actually read this: I am sorry for leaving you out of this diary. In my defense, I am an idiot, so...anyway, here's her Facebook page.

Reality check. We are

Reality check. We are talking about the 2nd Congressional District. This district is so gerrymandered that they even cut a path through the center of David Lewis' own county to eliminate what few Democratic voters (and Bob Etheridge's home) there were there and put them in the 4th. You have to be delusional to think that there is even a ghost of a chance that an openly gay reality show star / Broadway songster can even get 40% of the vote in a general election. Please, please, please Clay, don't run. Run for a county commissioner's seat in Chatham County. Host fundraisers for the party. Offer your expertise on issues to candidates you can support. This run, if it turns out it happens, is not a good idea.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Not a serious candidate

Neither Barnes or Aiken or what I would consider a serious candidate. Barnes does not live in the district and zero to no ties there. Secondly, he has no experience or platform at all! It seems like the only thing he is serious about is raising money judging by the plethora of calls for money on his website. Aiken has some political experience on gay rights and child welfare issues. If he is running for Congress, however, there is a world of other topics he needs to be up to speed on. Taxes, debt, deficit, entitlement bankruptcy anyone? A serious Congressional candidate would have spoken about these issue in the public forum before running for Congress. Don't forget either that Aiken recently referred to Raleigh as "yuppie white bread" in a news article. So apparently he holds a negative view of many of the people he represents..........

It's official

Clay Aiken is running.

Former state Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco and Durham attorney Houston Barnes previously announced plans to seek the Democratic nomination in the 2nd District, but Barnes said Wednesday that he will step aside and put his support behind Aiken.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis