Burr numbers "very, very, very weak." WTF is going on with the DSCC?

Unless there's a super secret plan being hatched for Elaine to come out swinging, it looks to me like Charlie Cook may have nailed the sad story for all to see.

“Richard Burr’s numbers are very, very, very weak. You can have a daylong symposium on why his numbers are so weak. And he’s a very lucky man,” said Cook. “The Democratic Party can’t afford to mount a challenge down here. In another year, another environment, he might not be coming back to Washington, at least not as a senator.”

Is that right, Elaine? Has the DSCC, despite all their happy talk, blown your campaign off? Because if it's true, then you need to start running not just against Do Nothing Burr, but also against the brain-dead Democratic Party establishment.

People who read this website have contributed many tens of thousands of dollars to your campaign. We deserve a clear answer to this question. Don't jerk us around just because the DSCC is jerking you around. Not at this late date.


Weak indeed

He doesn't THINK we're stupid

Burr knows damn good and well that he has the political advantage this year very similar to what most democrats had in 2008. This November favors the majority of the republicans all across the U.S. this year. Elaine Marshall has to contend with that in addition to a not-so-enthused DSCC. So, her strength lies in her name recognition in NC and in Burr's horrendous voting record and poor involvement in our state which Marshall should be pointing out day in and day out now until election day.

Burr knows that in a lot of cases the electorate truly is stupid and tends to follow trends rather than electing the best candidate. That is his strength for November. Marshall has to go after that. If she doesn't, she's going to be a loser.

Elaine refuses to do the DSCC's bidding

...so the corporate masters of the federal Democrats are trying to teach her -- and others -- a lesson.

Thumbing your nose at corporate power and their puppets in DC is THE best reason to vote for Elaine Marshall.

The DSCC let GOPer John Thune in South Dakota walk to re-election. NO ONE is on the ballot against him.

The DSCC passes on their best Senate pickup opportunity here in North Carolina.

And the federal Democratic leadership tells us they can't get things done because they don't have 60 votes in the US Senate?


The federal Democrats and their masters can shove it!

Vote Elaine Marshall and f those mfers in DC.


Dontcha Know

The DSCC is not for challengers but only for defending incumbents -- like Arlen Specter and Blanche Lincoln.

We're going to have to do what's necessary ourselves directly to the campaign or from some money bombs. ActBlue is your friend.

50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

Prevent-defense mode

I think PartieLion has said it best. It looks like the DSCC and most other democratic organizations right now are in "prevent-defense" mode in an effort to try to keep losses as low as possible. By doing that they are not even looking at putting money and effort into taking seats currently held by republicans but only putting their resources in efforts to hopefully realize a minimal loss of seats.

That is a good analysis PartieLion IMO.

Me too

The national Democratic Party leadership has shot itself in both feet for the foreseeable future. I now go out of my way to tell people to steer clear of them, same for the DCCC. They are both writing off an entire generation of NC voters.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I am smart enough not to give money to incompetent fools.

You are VERY sharp

You have said what is necessary to say. You are sharper than you make yourself out to be on this.

I have a hunch

that if Elaine runs a television ad pretty soon, the DSCC will step up and join our fight. I don't have any evidence to back that up, I just have a feeling.

Hope you are right

I hope your gut is right. With some concentrated help for Elaine from the DSCC, she could get the burr out of our saddle for good.

There are many like us

who might be more supportive of a candidate who have independence from Washington masters.

On the other hand there are those who might be inclined to be less engaged if the campaign comes out and straight up says no we don't have support & we aren't getting it... especially in light of recent polling numbers since we are in the phase before the debates/before Marshall is running ads when the gap gets to widen a bit. Combine that with the possible confusion from being jerked around... and its certainly tricky waters to traverse.

Either way, hopefully we'll hear something by the time the debates start. In fact, that could be a good debating point. Burr is backed by washington republicans and more out of state groups than in state people, whereas Elaine is powered by NC.

I'm not giving up hope.

MarshallBomb October 8th. Unless you want a weak campaign on the top of the ticket, and consequently a Republican General Assembly in charge of redistricting.