NC Libertarians take strong stand against Amendment One

At least two county chapters of the NC Libertarian Party have stated their opposition to Amendment One.

In Mecklenberg County, the party's executive committee passed a resolution in February. It reads in part (emphasis mine):

“Wheras the Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County (LPMeck) is dedicated to limited government that protects the rights and privacy of its citizens, it most vehemently opposes NC State Constitutional Amendment One which would seek to violate this principle and abridge the rights of its citizens to form a union with any person of their choosing and receive the same recognition and benefits as all other citizens.

In Wake County, the county convention of the Libertarian Party unanimously agreed to a resolution opposing Amendment One. It was a similar resolution that ended with:

It is in this spirit that WakeLP pledges it support for the Coalition to Protect NC Families and its effort to defeat Amendment One.

Much credit to those who actually take a stand for liberty when it comes under constitutional attack.

If anyone knows of other Libertarian Party chapters opposing Amendment One, feel free to add them.


Pope of an immoral Church

It is a shame that guys like Art Pope who can be libertarian on fiscal issues are statists/theocrats/fascists on civil liberties and equality. The thing to remember is that for libertarians, freedom can't be parceled into "fiscal and social" but is inextricably connected. That is how to tell an actual libertarian from a fake one like Art Pope. People can be libertarian on issues, just as they can be liberal or conservative, but to be a libertarian you have to believe that all people have a right to live in peace and prosperity away from interference by other individuals or groups as long as they don't harm or interfere with others' ability to do the same. This also goes for interventions by our government into our lives with the exception of actions and agencies specifically delegated to the government in our constitution - basic taxes, police, military, fire protection, courts etc.

I know so many libertarians are disgusted by the legislature's attempts to discriminate against the LGBT community and are very happy to help fight A1 in any way they can.