NCDP SEC meeting ... what's going on

Lots of routine comments to start.
Nice speech by Parker.
Etheridge nominated
Voller nomination in progress.


Nina Szlosberg-Landis wins big

Nina Szolsberg-Landis was named the Vice-chair of the NC Democratic Party Saturday after defeating incumbent Gwen Wilkins 408-175.

Martha Brock

It appears to be settled:

indyweek 1:49pm via Twitter for iPhone
NC Dem State Party Chair results in: @Barry_Smith: #NCDP RT @carinsavel: Chair results: Voller 309, Etheridge, 298 #ncpol

That's...pretty damn close. Do they do recounts?

while waiting for 2nd vice results, we are

now on to the replacement of the PoO with a charter and bylaws. Then the haggling and amending will begin. John Brooks has an amendment ready to go that will switch the way county delegates to conventions are chosen. His idea would make the number of registered the key number instead of the votes for governor. This would cut then number of delegates by 70% so fewer people would be making decisions.

I really do not want to stay for that discussion.


Thanks for the updates. It boggles my mind that Etheridge allowed his name to be put into nomination. Looks like the Party dodged a bullet.

I wouldn't say that.

I wouldn't say that. Etheridge would have served ably which is why the floor fight fell six votes short of victory. Hopefully Randy will reach across the aisle effectively and build bridges rather than tacking towards the far left.

Hey no problem. Glad to. I agree on the bullet dodging

Etheridge has done some good things, but then he's also done some questionable things. Not knowing when to keep his cool is also a negative. He was the establishment, corporate, inside the beltway candidate. Voller has proven that he can work the party side of things very well and translate that into electoral victory. We chose correctly imo.

good stuff

Gracious. Generous. Focused. Now for the hard part. Herding cats.