Why is Tillis running scared? Because “Every [Republican] candidate has a fringe agenda."

An interesting article in the Washington Post this morning concerning Thom Tillis' harping, bitching, moaning and groaning over Kay Hagan meddling in his primary.

As Rosalind S. Helderman notes in her piece, a Republican runoff with regard to time of occurrence could be devastating. "Potentially more worrisome for Tillis’s supporters, he would need to contend with a runoff campaign just as the North Carolina legislature returns to session later this month;" and just in time for Moral Mondays to begin firing up again.

Tillis claims, "They do not want to see me face off against Kay Hagan in November.”

Actually, we do Thom; while frothing at the mouth, so to speak. Before Kay Hagan attempts to wipe your plate clean, nothing would be finer than to watch you face off with (give me a moment, I'm trying to pick another nutjob) say, Mr. Article IV, Section 4, Article I, Section 8 and Article 6, Section 2, Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 . Or perhaps Mark Harris, the bible thumper from the Queen City.

I can only guess that Tillis thinks he's intelligent and worthy of the Senate seat. Well Mr. Speaker, surely you anticipated a primary runoff and the date on which it would occur. And, I believe changing that date so that it would not coincide with all hell breaking loose was within your purview.


Tillis has vowed to stay on as speaker no matter what

Which means we'll have a host of new bat-shit craziness to hang around his neck. He wants to be known as the architect of the conservative revolution in NC? Hell yes, let's give it to him. Starting with with the North Carolina Republican War on Teachers.