Cure for amnesia is close

Earlier this week, the Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 in a unanimous decision that the General Assembly law passed to confer a monopoly on the North Carolina Bail Agents Association and exclude any and all competitors was indeed a monopoly (that means unconstitutional and illegal). You can read about how it was 'shady' here in the Greensboro newspaper article here.

But you say, "Why should I give two hoots about this?" Well, it seems that the Associations competitor has hung in there despite everything thrown at them all the way to the Court of Appeals. It is this little case that is rife with corruption, bribery, chicanery, lying, and politics as usual that is set to bring several legislators to the witness stand to tell what happened under oath. And isn't it always the 'little things' that bring a big blow to those who think they are untouchable?

In an article by Carolina Journal, several big name politicos including Tom Apodaca could not remember lots of things when asked. The next time they are asked, it will not be a journalist who might lose access, but it will be under oath in court. Perhaps we will get to see Apodaca angry or slam a door. Perhaps he will decide to take that anger management course he is in such desperate need of.

Perhaps we will get to see the boy wonder Justin Burr perjure himself when presented with hard evidence. Even Tillis, who is now in the throes of convincing the public he is honest, will have to answer up how this law came to be.

This case may very well be a sort of prelude to the stuff headed to court i.e. the motorcycle vagina bill, voter id, etc and our elected having to answer to the people for their 'shady' dealings, as characterized by the newspaper.


Shady indeed

But only one of many of Justin Burr's examples of sleaze.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis