DAG McCrory's happy talk express pulls into Morganton

But apparently it's not a "listening" tour:

A voice from the crowd told the governor that job availability is a major concern in this area. McCrory responded by addressing the challenges that he and the state legislature have faced in the arduous budgeting process.

“We decided not to extend unemployment, because small businesses owed the federal government $2.6 billion,” he said. “Myself and the legislature decided to tear up the credit card that we owed the federal government. We weren’t going to keep increasing the debt.”

Okay, grammar first: when determining which pronoun to use, mentally remove the other subjects you're joining and see if it fits. You wouldn't say, "Myself decided to tear up the credit card..." Proper form would be, "The Legislature and I decided..." or simply, "We decided..." But McCrory's egotistical drive to put himself first makes this difficult.

Now for the content: the voice from the crowd didn't complain about jobs that weren't being filled, the voice complained about the lack of jobs available. But all McCrory heard was "jobs" and went off on a spiel about cutting unemployment. And as far as this argument is concerned:

McCrory said that he and legislators chose to lower the unemployment compensation rate to the same rates that are offered in Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.

“We had the ninth highest unemployment compensation in the country — did you know that? Most people didn’t,” he said. “Therefore, we were having a lot of debt that we were paying and no one had a plan on how to repay that debt. So we had to make a decision.”

Only in the mind of a Republican would that ranking be something "bad" that needs to be "fixed."



When Pat hears certain trigger words, he blurts forth his canned response for that topic. You captured the one for "jobs". He's got ones for "education", "environment" and "puppies" too.

Governor Pope has him trained very well.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

That crossed my mind, too

His handlers probably coach him every couple of weeks or so on the Top Five (that's all he can absorb) likely questions he may get from reporters, people on the street or especially attentive children (his biggest fear).