Daily sampler

The top story today from the Insider: Thom Tillis gets a new spokesbot! His new communications director is named Anna Roberts. I knew her in a previous life and she's a pro. But pro or not, there ain't enough lipstick in her make-up case to dress up the pig she's working for. Not even close.

In other news, WRAL checked out McCrory's claims about unemployed workers and discovered he's lying again. Surprise, surprise.

A Civitas "expert" takes to the N&O pages again, spouting fantasy about a decline in the joblessness. The paper should edit the author credit to "Brian Balfour is an employee of the Civitas Institute, which gets all of its money from state budget director, Art Pope." Better yet, the paper should refrain from allowing blatant lies in their newspaper.


Just heard a News14 reporter gushing

about having "insider" Mitch Kokai explain some things in a segment coming up tonight.

Say what you will about the Puppetmaster, he has succeeded in his long-term mission of penetrating NC's news outlets. You can't turn around and fart these days without hearing/seeing a puppet in action.


They just get in the way of everything !