Dear god

Thanks for the nice Sunday morning. Things were going along pretty well until one of your zealots complained that I didn't capitalize your name in something I posted. So give it to me straight: do you even care?

The exchange came in response to a column about military conflict by Rick Martinez. As usual, the misguided pundit was beating the drums for war. "Diplomacy isn't for sissies," he wrote in reference to President Obama. To which I said:

When it comes to war mongering, Martinez takes a back seat to no one. We can only thank god that the Republican party is imploding and hope they will not be in charge of anything important anytime soon.

So answer me this. Does that small "g" bother you?

More to the point, just whose side are you on? The warmongers or the pacifists? And while we're at it, what would Jesus do?

Have a happy day of rest.


PS If you're in the mood for striking down evil with some local action, set your sights on WPTF-AM. That station spews more darkness than any good god should have to put up with. I've been praying for Don to have a change of heart, but he doesn't seem to be getting the message. A little lightning bolt might help.

You know I love ya', Don. But you're making money by trafficking in hate. You can do better.



She doesn't

I just got the word from on high: She doesn't care about that capitalization thing!

But she did ask that we cut out all that "father" nonsense. She said, "What's up with that? I give birth to the universe and you think I'm a guy? Duh."

Bubble wrap

Rotten from the top on down

WPTF is rotten from the top on down. Their "news" manager is Rick "I wanna be Charles Krauthammer when I grow up" Martinez. If you wanted to know what the GOP party line was during W's criminal administration (including using the proper phrasing of subjects), all you had to do was read RM's propaganda, errr, I mean "articles" in the News and Observer.

I figure he wakes up in the morning, checks for his fax or email from Karl Rove, and bases his day on that. I've written to the N&O repeatedly that they remove that bozo and replace him with a conservative who has the ability to think for him or herself (they do exist), but no such luck.

Mr. Woolf

I even started a website called Enough Already to promote the cause you mention, but never got around to promoting it. Feel free to take it away. Just let me know and you can be the administrator!

Been hoping for a long time James

that these bigots, liars and war mongers who have these public soap boxes would one day become pariahs in our society not worshipped and imitated.

Just imagine their surprise when they stand before
god/goddess on judgement day and she says, "You thought that was Christian behavior?"