Debating the value of the GOP's proposed teacher raise

Looking a gift Trojan horse in the mouth:

Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory and his fellow Republican legislative leaders announced that starting salaries for public school teachers will be raised when the General Assembly goes back into session in a few months. It’s an important boost for young teachers in the state’s public education system.

The cynics among us will say that McCrory’s and the GOP leaders’ move is all about politics. The naïve among us will say that it had nothing to do with the upcoming November elections. But those among us who want to see reforms and improvements to North Carolina’s public education system will say this move is one that has been needed for years in order to address an identified problem among young teachers.

Mixed metaphors aside, this is an issue Democrats may need to take a second look at. As a few folks mentioned on social media, this is actually a victory of sorts. Most of us can agree this move on the part of Republicans would not have happened were it not for the Moral Monday protests and the threat of teacher walkouts that followed. But like most GOP initiatives, the plan itself is seriously flawed and will leave a majority of teachers holding nothing. So, what do we do? If we reject it outright, we're also losing the opportunity to claim it as a victory. If we support it, we're giving both legitimacy and our tacit approval to a flawed and politically-motivated move by the GOP. What say you?


Point of order

I was under the impression that, during the Short Session, the only bills that could be considered were ones that had met the crossover deadline. In other words, "no new business."

I suppose Republicans could pull another motorcycle/vagina and rewrite one of those bills that made crossover...

Any of you wonks have an answer for this?

It's bullshit

Some Peter is going to get robbed to pay Paul. Which means it's nothing but theater and posturing.


There is no opportunity for "victory," at least on the politics. Legislation that Republicans pass will be credited to Republicans, plain and simple. Close observers may recall that the situation was more complicated, but that doesn't count.


Republicans will get credit. Now it's our job to make sure that what they get "credit" for is a policy that even further destroyed the public educations system in NC.

My feelings exactly

But as I said, there are some (normally wise) Democratic politicos/advisors that have been wagging their index finger over our rejection of the proposal.

Fluck 'em

Wagging Democratic party fingers? A soon as we see some evidence of having their shit together, I might consider worrying about them and their wagging. Until then, I point to the debacles over the past several years as all the evidence I need to question their collective judgement.

No choice, really

This is like someone saying, "They're offering you a plate of rat poison rather than a bowl full of arsenic. What's so bad about that?"

Oh Hell no on the raise for teachers

This is classic corporate cost cutting bullshit. This raise for the younger teachers will drive more experienced teachers to quit or move to other states thereby partially lowering the cost of teacher salaries as a whole. They just want a "We raised teacher salaries" headline without anyone looking at the fine print. And, oh by the way, if those expensive veteran teachers with tenure take a hike, so much the better.