In defense of women's rights

#motorcyclevagina rides on, from my Facebook page:

In the waning days of the last Legislative session, Republicans in the NC General Assembly took a non-controversial bill on motorcycle safety, which had already been through committee and was scheduled for a vote, and proceeded to add several provisions which will place hurdles in the way of women seeking an abortion, including the likely closure of several women's health centers.

There is one simple reason for this action: the Republicans pursuing this attack on women's rights lack the courage to present their archaic beliefs in an open and honest fashion. They lack the courage to expose their weaknesses to an enlightened society, and try to explain to women why they should be treated like children. Or chattel.

I said they are weak, because that's what they are. The men behind this move don't consider women as equal partners in our society. In their minds, women are to be seen and not heard, keep a clean house, put some tasty food on the table, and pop out a couple of babies. Any other interests they may have simply get in the way of serving their man.

Speaking of men, I've heard several of them say they aren't for or against abortion, that it's a women's thing and they don't feel "comfortable" getting involved. Well you know what? You are involved. If you voted for Republicans, because you like what they said about taxes, or if you didn't vote at all, because you think it's a waste of time (or whatever), you are responsible. You are responsible for allowing irresponsible men to take the reigns of our state government, and now they are taking away the rights of women, not to mention their many other outrageous acts.

You say you do care about women's rights? Show me. November 2014 in your voting precinct. If you have the courage.


Great post

This hits the nail on the head.

When you do things in secret, under cover of darkness, using surprise tactics and no public notice, it's a good bet that you're not too proud of what you're doing and you know it wouldn't stand up to public scrutiny.

Then when you jump through verbal and logical hoops to try to rationalize what you did, and lie about the reason you did it, that's another good bet that you're not too proud of what you did.

They really, really want to impose their beliefs on everyone and control women, but they don't want to own up to it.

Weak cowards.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

It will come as no surprise,

but nobody at our lake gathering had a clue what my t-shirt was about. When I explained it to the girl who took my photo, she said, "They did what?"

We have a lot of work to do, folks. Even when the mainstream media news outlets cover stuff like this, people have a tendency to just ignore it, because it's not a national scandal or sexy yet unrealistic reality show. Many of these people will vote, they just won't take the time to know how to vote.


...I'll admit to being a "bit conservative" on logos and such but on reflection I have to say "thank you" for being willing and able to "bear witness".....For anyone who objects in the name of "modesty", I think it is quite correct to note that the true obscenity took place in the General Assembly.....your Tee highlights how ludicrous and indefensible these actions, "thanks", from a usually prudish "spectator"

You're welcome

I have to admit, wearing something like this is a little outside my comfort zone, too. But there are some things that are worth going out on a limb for, and protecting women's rights is one of them.

That's really sad

Damn. I would have thought everyone knew about #motorcyclevagina ... guess I need to get out more.

Sad, and disheartening

You know, before I was directed to BlueNC by a fellow writer, I just assumed state-level politics was simply bureaucratic in nature, narrowly focused on managing agencies and implementing Federal statutes and the like. Incapable of causing great harm or doing great good.

I fear a lot of people are under a similar mistaken assumption.

No shrinking violet

I've been outside Goolsby's office marching and I still talk to people who don't have a clue on a regular basis.

But they can tell you who is on American Idol and who's in the UNC lineup