Democracy Summer midterms

With the end of June approaching, a lot of big events going on, and the challenges faced by the General Assembly as their session draws to a close, I think it is fair to describe this week as midterms week of the Democracy Summer program. What words of wisdom do those of you who are more seasoned activists have for these young organizers in times like these?

Fayetteville Team:

The Fayetteville team has had the opportunity to accomplish a wide range of tasks in the past week. Making calls to the local Board of Elections proved to be one of the most difficult task that I have ever taken on before. The bitterness that was directed towards me while asking simple questions was simply baffling.

Charlotte Team:

Now my progressive friends who have been paying attention to the legislation coming out of North Carolina lately will probably question my sanity; there has not been much to celebrate: the Racial Justice Act was repealed, reparations that were promised to sterilization victims have been revoked, and workers and women face one of the most hostile political environments in decades.

Greenville Team:

Last weekend we held our Pathways to Power training in Rocky Mount, and that event was wonderful! We were able to get plans together to start a Democracy Rocky Mount and discussed trying to get the citizens out to their local Board of Election meetings to express their interest in Sunday polling sites. As the week went on and we followed up on somethings that we discussed during the Pathways to Power it was time to hold our Souls to the Polls training.


Reporting from the triad

Winston Team:

A major challenge that we have increasingly been facing is voter outreach amongst groups with distinct concerns and struggles. Whether it is students, elderly, or members of different socio-economic or racial backgrounds, voting is relevant to all of our situations and tied to our history. We are continuously reminded that our liberation is tied to each other and our community.

The first town

As the Democracy Summer program continues, of course we continue to work on the goals we have set for advocating for fair elections and responsible government, but I am also trying to make sure it's an experience to remember. Since we were in the Washington, NC area anyways to go to a local meeting, I decided to go a little further east to take the interns to see our state's first town, Bath, NC. Here is a little of what we saw: