Democrats, there is Hope! (and an alternative to Obama)

Romney vs Obama. I know, i know. Doesn't really get you excited, huh?

Could it be because Obama has punted on closing down Guantanamo Bay?
Continued the Drug war, especially on Medical Marijuana distributors in states where they are certified and legal?
Started yet another war without congressional approval and by overstepping the constitutional limitations of the presidency?
Ramped up non-violent illegal immigrant deportations?
Signed the NDAA giving himself and future presidents the ability to arrest anyone at anytime in any country (even the US) by simply declaring them a terrorist or enemy combatant?
Supported an extension of the Patriot Act?
Declared the President has the ability to assassinate American Citizens without trial?

And Romney...well, I don't think I need to say much about that.

But Fear not!

There is an alternative to the two party system. How about a candidate who Supports gay marriage? And I'm not talking about having an "evolving" opinion of it depending which way the polls blow, but fully in support of marriage equality.

He is also advocating decriminalization of marijuana due to the failure of the drug war and the cost in money and lives (especially for the African American community)
He is pro-choice.
He served at governor in a state that was 2-1 Democrat and left as the most popular governor in memory.
He strongly opposes building a border fence but instead wants to reform immigration to allow those who came here for a better life to stay and become legal while also vastly increasing the number of immigrants we allow from Mexico and South/Central America each year.
He was a vocal opponent of the Iraq War and military action in Iran. He is a vocal opponent of all nation-building because we are in no position to instill our values on other countries and cultures.

This person is not imaginary and (certainly) not a Republican. It is none other than Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. Remember, you always have a choice in who you vote for. It is just that in 2012, you have a REAL choice.

Take a gander at the man here

"I have not been afraid to speak out on controversial issues even when they may have hurt my chances at higher office. I have openly supported marriage equality, been a vocal opponent both of our failed war on drugs and our failed attempts at nation-building."

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There is a lot going for him

He brings out some of the virtues of the Libertarian Party, without evoking some of the more out there quirks of Ron Paul. I see Johnson as more of a pragmatic Libertarian, and I like that about him.

You didn't mention that he's also going for public campaign financing, which is a major plus in my book, especially in the age of citizens united, super PACs, and shady campaigns. It's nice to see a candidate devoted to the voters, because their small donations are what will qualify him for the public financing. It's a kind of campaign finance reform that needs to happen for more levels of elected officials.

"Gay marriage is an issue best left up to individual states."

He may support marriage equality, and that's a plus, but he's not going to do anything about achieving full marriage equality. NC may well pass this horribly worded confusing amendment in May, an amendment that most people would vote down if they understood its affects according to the polling, yet that is an example of "leaving it to the states."

For anyone who wants to see more of him, he'll be on The Colbert Report on Monday April 2nd at 11:30pm.

They may need to update the site

Maybe they just did a poor job summing up his stances on the site because I did find this article linked to from Gov. Johnson's site. He refused to sign the BS family values pledge and also expressly opposes laws (like DOMA) that discriminate. Word is he may be working with Coalition on a joint statement of support or press release soon against Amendment 1.

 December 1, 2011, Santa Fe NM – Presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson announced during an on-line Town Hall Thursday night that he supports civil marriage for gay Americans.  Having long supported civil unions for gay couples, Johnson’s decision to endorse gay marriage is based on “a great deal of deliberation, discussion with the gay community, and a conclusion that government has no business choosing who should be allowed the benefits of marriage and who should not.”
Announcing his support for gay marriage, Johnson said, “As a believer   in individual freedom and keeping government out of personal lives, I simply cannot find a legitimate justification for federal laws, such as the Defense of Marriage Act, which ‘define’ marriage.  That definition should be left to religions and individuals – not government.  Government’s role when it comes to marriage is one of granting benefits and rights to couples who choose to enter into a marriage ‘contract’.  As I have examined this issue, consulted with folks on all sides, and viewed it through the lens of individual freedom and equal rights, it has become clear to me that denying those rights and benefits to gay couples is discrimination, plain and simple. 
“Certainly, religions and people of various faiths have the right to view marriage as they wish, and sanction marriage according to those beliefs.  Just as government shouldn’t interfere with individual rights, government should not interfere with how marriage is treated as a ceremony, a sacrament or a privilege within a set of religious beliefs.  However, when it comes to the rights of individuals and couples under the law, government’s promise should be to insure equal access to those rights to all Americans, gay or straight.
“For a very long time, society has viewed gay marriage as a moral and, yes, religious issue.  Today, I believe we have arrived at a point in history where more and more Americans are viewing it as a question of liberty and freedom.  That evolution is important, and the time has come for us to align our marriage laws with the notion that every individual should be treated equally.”
Johnson’s announcement came during an on-line Town Hall co-hosted with GOProud, an organization of gay conservatives and their allies.