The dumbing-down of NC's charter schools

We don't need no stinking college graduates:

There are so many troubling things about Senate Bill 337, an N.C. charter school bill unveiled last week, that it’s hard to know where to start. But this item stands out like a sore thumb: The bill would remove the requirement that at least half of a charter school’s teaching staff be certified, or be college educated.

Well, most of them teach right out of the book anyway, so...wait a minute. We don't have enough money for new books, either. Well, as long as they check these new degreeless people out first before they put them in the class...wait a minute. We're not going to do that anymore, either:

The bill also does this astounding thing: It makes it optional for charter schools to do criminal background checks on their employees. This is especially mindboggling given all the concern lawmakers expressed last week for the safety of school children in unveiling a comprehensive bill to boost efforts to protect students.

But Tillman’s response to concerns about endangering students was blasé. He said many charters do background checks, anyway, so they need not be legally required to do so. Say, what?

When kids start coming home from school with dark blue prison tats snaking up from the collar of their shirts, parents might finally perk up and notice.


Heck, in the public schools

Heck, in the public schools parents can't even go on a field trip with their child unless they go through a background check.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Charter schools: a full

Charter schools: a full employment plan for illiterate felons.

These guys are smarter than we think...

...they know they'll need jobs when they get out of prison.

Removes local voice from local funding

The bill also removes any local oversight or say local taxpayers have through their elected boards of education. Charter schools would be entitled to their per-student share of local education funding but the local board of education would not even have standing to chime in on how a new charter would affect the local school system. Local and state education money would be controlled by mostly APPOINTED members of the state charter board.

This stinks to high heaven and is very clearly part of an organized effort to destroy public education and desegregation as we know it. I am not against charter schools, especially if they have to follow most of the same rules traditional public schools do, but the people behind these efforts to destroy public education and send us back to segregated schools are at best clueless/negligent and at worst downright evil.

Still, a big part of me wants the current NCGA to continue sponsoring all these batpoop crazy bills because they will be in for a rude awakening come election time next year.

Oh and the bill is sponsored by our (Moore County) new gerrymandered clown Senator Tillman, who is supposedly a former school administrator.