Durham says it won't annex a new development. Legislators set to force them to do so.

First they passed a law that forbids municipalities from annexing communities against their wishes. Now they're planning to pass a law to force municipalities to annex communities even when the municipality doesn't want to. Well reported by IndyWeek.

The article mentions that Cal Cunningham is an attorney working to force Durham to move forward with the annexation.

All of this is wrapped up in the fight over Jordan Lake watershed development, as well as the Republican agenda to take more control over the actions of local governments.

Go ahead and break out the zip-tie handcuffs.

Durham must refuse to comply with the demands of our illegitimate legislature.



I hate to see Cal

on the wrong side of this. I mean, I understand the issue of attorneys representing clients regardless of how they (personally) feel about the situation. God knows I've worked for people that I completely and absolutely disagree with. Last year in the run-up to the election, I even jumped through several hoops to make sure a huge national right-wing nut-job organization received their propaganda in the nick of time for a right-wing nut-job convention. Because that was my job.

But that doesn't mean I had to like it, just like I don't like what Cal's doing.