Edwards prosecutor being groomed for U.S. Senate?

How to succeed in politics without really trying:

During the recent primary, Holding's chief opponent, Paul Coble, a former Raleigh mayor, echoed the Edwards defense team in calling the prosecution politically motivated. He told Main Justice there was "no question Holding thought those two cases would take him to the U.S. Congress." Holding has repeatedly denied such claims.

I'm sure many reading this think John Edwards deserves to be spanked (maybe hard) for his behavior. But thirty years? Really? Even armed robbery doesn't (normally) generate that kind of prison sentence. And for those who refrained from making the observation I just did for fear they would be labeled an Edwards-lover (or whatever), there's a huge gap between being an apologist and being a realist. Don't be afraid to be the latter.

Also, I wonder how George Holding would have approached this matter:

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) acknowledged that his ex-wife, Kimberly Vertolli, accused him of hiding payments made from his re-election account during the 2010 election cycle to his then-girlfriend, Dodie McCracken. The story was first reported by the Chicago Tribune early Tuesday.

Vertolli, in a complaint she filed with the Federal Election Commission late last year, contends that Kirk’s campaign intentionally obscured $143,000 it paid McCracken, a public relations professional who previously worked in Kirk’s Illinois office, because she received the money as a subcontractor for an ad agency with which the campaign regularly did business.

Okay, I don't normally inject jokes into serious stuff like this, but: I just got an evil look from the librarian, because when I read the name of the third point in the love triangle above, the phrase "Release the McCracken!" echoed through my head, and I barked a laugh.

And yes, I'm easily entertained. ;)


"How to succeed without trying..."

As the chap from the other night noted, it doesn't hurt that no serious Democratic effort to run against this guy is going to happen. 66% of Republican primary voters opposed this guy and a lot of them can't stand this silver spoon-fed parasite. Well, winning one term in Congress is one thing....thankfully, running for statewide office will substantially raise the odds against him advancing any further...assuming he actually has Senatorial ambitions.

Silver spoon-fed parasite

Of Course Holder is a 1% Political Banker HO

Holder is a good ole boy 1% repub who comes from a 1% banker family..Occupy!Occupy!

Edwards overcharge could

Edwards overcharge could result in the same verdict as a notorious murder trial: a hung jury because they believe he's guilty, but don't want to punish him at that high level. Not only is it longer time than robbery, many killers don't do 30 years.

Holding Fails--We Win

George Holding's attempt to paint John Edwards as a "criminal" failed today. The verdict was not guilty on one charge, and a mistrial on the other five charges.

This clumsy prosecution now gives considerable creedence to those who think the Edwards' prosecution was a politically motivated overcharge. I am one of those.

George Holding ran to the right of Paul Coble. Coble ran to the right of Smith and Wesson. He wants no gun registrations or gun ownership restrictions at all.

Where do they get these people?

Duck and cover y'all!


I wouldn't characterise Holding's campaign positions that way, which I hasten to add is not the same thing as saying I disagree with you. His entire campaign was to basically 1) trash Coble on the airwaves for months, 2) made nebulous promises to cut spending, whatever that means, and 3) raked Barky over the coals for endorsing gay marriage. Probably not all that sincerely, but he's smart enough to guess which way the wind was blowing.

My comment went more to Coble

My comment went more to Coble than Holding regarding the lack of gun control stuff. Holding is a law and order Rudi Guiliani type--and yes a lot of his campaign was nebulous "cut, cut, cut" rhetoric. I don't think he meant "cut defense," which is the largest budget item in the federal budget--that would make too much sense.
But overall the point was that this failed prosecution does not help his "law and order" image--which is fine with me since I don't like George Holding.

I don't think he is a very

I don't think he is a very well-liked person, however there are people who are actually holding very high offices who are committing worse crimes and bullying this country in order to keep silent.

Sometimes it seems that punishments by the government do not fit crimes and it also seems that people get away with things that they shouldn't and it's just sad.