Elected officials explore different methods for disposing of coal ash

And leave us even more confused than before:

Duke Energy is now talking publicly about coal ash, but the conversations with Charlotte City Council revolved around the issue of how to remove it from the River Bend Power Plant. The City and Duke are exploring the possibility of moving the coal ash by truck from Gaston County to land near Charlotte Douglas International.

State Senator Jeff Tarte of Mecklenburg County was also part of the tour, and he wants to learn more about the idea. "What we really want to do is reuse the material not have it stock piled and put into landfills, " Tarte said. Governor McCrory said, "It's going somewhere, and wherever it goes we've got to do it in a safe environmentally and most affordable way we can. I'm open to any solution."

Fixed. But this doesn't prove McCrory isn't crazy. ;)


"Environmentally most affordable"

After uttering the nonsensical gibberish, an aide poked Deputy Assistant Guvnor Pat in the ribs, and Pat reflexively added, "we didn't shorten the coal ash disposal, we just compacted it". Poked by the aide again, Pat blurted, "and creating jobs and lowering taxes. Stop the puppy mills. I'll have the pastrami, thanks. Economically most environmental. Sparkleponies!"

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

He consulted....

... his iPad app before making that quote.

Not McCrory's fault (this time)

After seeing the News14 version of this statement, I went back and watched the WBTV video in the story above, and McCrory actually says, "...safe environmentally and most affordable..."

Bad copywriting, which an editor should have caught before posting the story. I should have caught it sooner as well, but some of the embedded videos on these sites are a little wonky, and tend to lock up the page when you try to view them.