Ellmers selected to sell new line of snake oil

I guess it takes an idiot to sell an idiotic idea:

"We picked the freshmen who we thought were best qualified to be in a position like this, and Renee was at the top of the list."

Yeah, right. The more likely reason is, Republicans in the House know their position is untenable and election season suicide, so they're moving the pawns into position:

"This debate should not be about scoring political points. This debate should be about cutting taxes for the middle class," the White House statement said.

Republicans say that by forcing work on the Keystone XL pipeline and blocking a proposed federal rule curbing some industrial pollution, they can encourage employment at a time when the economy remains on its knees.

Democrats complain that the bill does not do enough for unemployed people coping with one of the worst U.S. economies in decades. The bill prevents extra benefits for the long-term unemployed from expiring on Jan. 1, but would gradually wind down maximum coverage to 59 weeks, well below the current 99-week ceiling.

The measure would make other changes in the unemployment program, including giving states the right to administer drug tests to applicants for benefits.


Once again, the GOP is holding millions of middle-class Americans hostage, just to get some of their draconian measures turned into law.


ABSOLUTELY!!! Renee IS the

ABSOLUTELY!!! Renee IS the right person to fight the tax extension and unemployment benefits which she has repeatedly said is a gimmick. Now, I do not remember the freshman congressional representative from south of Raleigh having the nerve to say that the two extensions, medicare payments for doctors is a gimmick here in NC...nope...that brave Renee blathers on about gimmicks in DC. So Renee....come down here and tell the people in your district whose average income happens to be less that 60k who would MOST benefit from that gimmick and the 10% unemployed in your district who need to eat and pay the rent...and by all means tell the doctors ..your former colleagues to suck it up..your payments are cut and if you do not like it...drop..by all means drop all the Medicare patients you have.. Yessirree Renee you are the pip...come on missy come tell us that back home.. Also I have repeatedly checked...almost daily ...your Congressional web site for that list of small employers in your district who have these unfilled jobs...to date...nada...whys that Renee? How come no list with company names...needed number of employees...pay...start time ..so have not seen it...if we are wrong Renee do respond with that information...we gimmick fed voters in Central NC who are lay abouts would sure nuff like to go get ourselves a job and help out your small business friends....but alas I suspect that that comment was the real gimmick here along with you occupying the Congressional seat you occupy. For now.

SO...Renee, looks like you

SO...Renee, looks like you folks caved and let that pesky gimmick extend for couple months...well lets see how you do with the full year extension of the gimmick...and looked again today at your Congressional web site for the small businesses in your district with jobs going empty...how many ...what the pay might be...but alas nothing yet...I know you really really care for your district folks....and you want them off the federal unemployment tit so not at all sure why you haven't produced that list of jobs you keep blathering on about. You know the one the small business owners complained to you about. Still wondering when you are going to post that list. Maybe you will get that done before the two month gimmick expires in February. Thanks awfully Renee.

Renee..just so we are clear

Renee..just so we are clear and you understand your district job needs for those small business jobs that go unfilled because everyone is on the dole here is a list of counties you represent part or all of and unemployment rates by county:

Wake 7.75 unemployed...thats the best one.
Harnett 10.9%
Chatham 8.4%
Cumberland 9.7%
Franklin 9.7 %
Johnston 9 %
Lee 12%
Nash 11.6%
Sampson 8.4%
Vance 13.4%
Thats 10.8% in your district Renee. 10.8%.

Renee it seems to me that even a gimmick would be welcome for the unemployed and the untold under employed in your district and maybe more concern for your district and its people and less self aggrandising DC politicking and national media chasing might be in order.

Renee...your district

Renee...your district unemployment rate average is 10.4%(NCESC-12/11) and your district median average household income is $43,500(US Census 2010). Tell your district the tax extension and unemployment benefits is a gimmick! No but you do not mind doing the national media dance with that line do you? Still waiting for that district small business jobs list.