Etheridge chosen to guide recovery efforts

You can't retire just yet, Bob:

Former Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge will take office today as director of the state Office of Economic Recovery and Investment, overseeing the spending of federal stimulus money.

The state has received more than $10.5 billion so far in federal stimulus money. Nearly 80 percent had been dispersed and the money will continue to flow through at least 2012.

Here's a link to the Office's site, where you can find (among other things) a county by county listing of Stimulus-related job opportunities.


She couldn't have picked a

She couldn't have picked a better person.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

How long term of a position is this?

Does this mean he's out of the running for 2012, or will he still have that option?

Not sure

The article says Stimulus funding will continue thru 2012, so I'd imagine this would be (at least) a two-year appointment. I guess he could still run for his old seat, but he'd have to make a choice somewhere along the line.

I'm afraid that after

I'm afraid that after redistricting the 2nd will be impossible for a Democrat to win. They will probably lop off Southeast Raleigh (heavily Democratic) and replace it with Moore County (overwhelmingly Republican) and that is all it will take.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Where would SE Raleigh go?

If they took it out of district 2? Would they give it to Price or Miller as lost causes anyways?

It seems like Butterfield and McIntyre's districts are too far off to lump it in with them, and they'd probably want to make McIntyre's district more competitive so I doubt they'd want to give him more democrats.

Yes they would give it to

Yes they would give it to Miller or Price.

I'm a moderate Democrat.